Air If you are in a relationship 2



When people with an Air element like you get into a relationship, you can feel like your partner is distant. This is because Air signs tend to be more cerebral than the other elements, and in a relationship, you are not always good at expressing your feelings for your partner. This doesn’t mean that Air signs don’t feel deeply—you do. But it does mean that sometimes, it’s hard for you to express those feelings in ways that make sense to other people.


If you’re dating someone with an Air element in their chart, you might find that they are much more interested in talking about your relationship than actually being involved in it. This can be frustrating if you want more action from your partner, but it’s also understandable: Air element tend to think and talk about things before they act on them—so if they’re talking about how excited they are about spending time with you, it’s probably a good indication that what they’re saying isn’t just talk!


The key is finding ways for both of you to communicate honestly without getting overwhelmed by all the words coming out of your mouth—or vice versa! People with Air element are known for their ability to think outside the box. You have a keen sense of humor and love jokes, puns and funny stories. You are also very adaptable and open to new ideas. In relationships, people with Air elements can be quite impulsive. You tend to fall in love at first sight, which can sometimes lead you into making rash decisions about your partners without thinking things through properly. People with this element tend to be flirtatious and charming, but you may also act very coldly towards your loved ones if you feel that your partner has done something wrong or hurt you in some way.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are being treated badly by your partner then you will get angry quickly and become easily agitated by those around you because you don’t like feeling powerless or vulnerable so when this happens it’s important for you not only to express how you feel about what happened but also why it bothers you so much so that your partner understands what’s going on inside your head otherwise there could be some serious trouble brewing between you both. People with the air element are the most likely to be relationship oriented. You want to be connected to others, and you will work hard to achieve that goal. Air is a very flexible element, so this type of person will be equally comfortable with both long-term relationships and short-term flings. You are also the most likely to engage in open relationships, or at least have an open attitude toward them. You don’t tend to get jealous easily, so you will often encourage your partners to date other people while you are dating other people as well.

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