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As an air person, the air element you have is full of practicality and groundedness, but you also have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. You are quick-witted and often have a good sense of humor, so you are fun to be around. When it comes to relationships, air people are very open-minded and accepting. You will try anything once if you think it might be fun—you don’t get hung up on what’s “normal” or “right.” You are also not afraid to take risks, which means you are willing to try new things in your personal lives as well.


Air people are very easygoing, so you usually get along with everyone. This means that air people often have a lot of friends and acquaintances—but when it comes to romantic relationships, this can cause some problems for you. Because air people aren’t picky about who you date, and because you tend to go out with people who are fun rather than deeply compatible with you, you can end up getting into trouble if your partner is unreliable or unreliable in your relationship (because air people don’t always notice when something isn’t working).

Air people need time alone every now and then so that you can recharge your batteries and focus on yourself instead of others for a while. People with an air element like you are often attracted to the idea of love, but you can be slow to commit. When you do make a commitment, you are very loyal and dedicated. Air people are highly intellectual, and you enjoy spending time in deep conversation. You tend to look for people who are easygoing and flexible, because you don’t like being around people who get upset easily or who are inflexible. You also prefer a partner who can help you achieve your goals—someone who is intelligent and driven like you. Air people need someone who can support you when things get hard, which is why it’s important for you to find someone who is optimistic and has positive energy around you.


The secret is figuring out how you two can speak honestly to one another without either of you feeling overburdened by the volume of what you have to say. The ability to think creatively comes naturally to those whose element is Air. You enjoy jokes, puns, and humorous stories and have a sharp sense of humor. Also very adaptable and receptive to new ideas are you. People with an Air element can be quite impulsive in relationships.


Your relationships are usually based on a foundation of trust and respect for one another. People with this element want their spouse to treat them equally, and you do not enjoy feeling in any manner controlled or manipulated. In all circumstances, but especially in romantic ones, you cherish honesty. Communication is essential if you’re dating someone who has air on their side (or the other way around). It’s crucial that both partners feel comfortable discussing any aspect of their relationship without worrying about criticism or rejection. The air element is associated with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and creativity.

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