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People with an Air Element like you look for someone who is intellectual and dynamic. You enjoy being around someone who can stimulate them intellectually and think on their feet. You like to be challenged, and you tend to be attracted to people with a lot of energy. If you’re looking for love with someone who has an Air element, you should find someone who is well-read, intelligent, and curious about the world. They will likely have an interest in philosophy and politics, as well as other academic pursuits. You could also grow your relationship by taking classes together or visiting museums together.


People with Air elements are attracted to those who are high-energy and outgoing—this can mean that you are drawn to people who are impulsive or messy (or both). People with Air elements tend not to like routine or routine people, so if you want someone with this element in your life then you should try to avoid scheduling too much together unless it’s something exciting like going on vacation or attending an art exhibit together. People with an air element like you are the most free-spirited of all the elements. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as it makes you incredibly open to new experiences and ideas, but it also means you are more likely to jump from one thing to another without stopping to consider whether or not you are truly happy.

Air element people are often nomadic by nature, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a home—it just means that instead of settling down in one place for years at a time, you want to visit all sorts of places and experience all sorts of cultures. You thrive on variety and change, so if you meet someone who has an air element and seems restless or bored, don’t be afraid to ask what’s going on in their life!


Because air element people love change so much, it’s important for you to find someone who shares your values. Someone who can connect with you on an intellectual level will make you feel more grounded than someone who just wants something different every night out on the town. It’s important for air element people to have someone around who understands that even though they may seem flighty sometimes (or even always), there’s value behind those decisions and choices they make towards fulfillment in life. Air element people are often attracted to other air element people. They are very talkative and like to be surrounded by people who keep them entertained. These people also tend to be more sensitive than others, which can make them a little bit more difficult to date.


Air element people are also very intellectual. You want someone who can challenge your mind and keep things interesting in your relationship. Air element people tend to be attracted to those who are similar to you, so it is important for you to find someone who has a similar personality and interests as you. When it comes down to dating an air element person, you need to know how they operate before you get involved with them. You should always try and make sure that you have something interesting going on in your relationship so that they don’t get bored easily during your relationship together!

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