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Air signs are the most idealistic, and you use love as a way to express your idealism. Air sign people want to be shown how much you mean to your partner, and you want to feel that your partner is there for you when you need them. Air signs also like to feel as if your partners are intelligent and sophisticated enough for you. Air signs are very emotional people, and so you want to be loved in the same way that you love—with passion. Air sign people need someone who can meet you on an emotional level and make you feel excited about life.


People with the Air element tend to be attracted to people who are creative, curious, and open-minded. You love the idea of being able to share a life with someone who is always interested in learning new things and exploring new places. People with the Air element can be quite passionate about your relationships. You like to be challenged intellectually, but you also want your partner to be someone you can trust and rely on in times of need.

The ideal partner for people with your element is someone who is willing to share their life with you and help you grow as a human being. This person should also be a good listener who loves exploring new ideas and concepts together with their partner. People with air elements are very soft-hearted. You are not easy to get attached to someone, but when you do, you will be loyal to them until the end. You give your love freely and easily and expect nothing in return. You can be very passionate about your work or studies, but you tend to neglect your personal life.


People with air element are energetic and creative. You love being around people and making new friends. You also have a strong sense of humor and enjoy laughing at yourself as well as others. When it comes to love, people with air element are looking for someone who will be there for them through thick and thin; someone who can understand your need for space without feeling abandoned; someone who will support you through your dreams without trying to change you too much; someone who can accept you just the way you are without trying to change them into something else; someone that loves unconditionally like an open sky full of stars shining brightly together in harmony with each other’s light which shines brightly even during the darkest nights when nothing else seems possible except darkness because it knows that even though darkness may come around sometimes it won’t stay forever just like how darkness always gives way after sunrise.


The air element is one of the most complex and difficult to understand. Air signs are the most independent of all the elements, and they tend to be free spirits who don’t like being tied down. They are drawn to people who can keep up with their fast-paced lives and interests, which means that they require a lot of attention and space in order to feel loved.

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