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A relationship breakup is a difficult time for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for people with an air element. Air elements like you are all about new beginnings, change, and adventure—but that doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings. An air element person like you is usually very open and honest about your feelings, so if you’re dealing with a breakup as an air sign, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone in your feelings of sadness and confusion. Here are some tips for recovering from a relationship break up as an air sign:


Take a break from social media. It can be tempting to post about your broken heart on your favorite social media platform, but this isn’t the best idea right now. Instead of posting how upset you are over losing someone who meant so much to you, try spending more time offline and focusing on yourself. Focus on taking care of yourself physically (eating well) and mentally (getting enough sleep).


Get back into the world around you! After taking some time off from social media (or at least giving yourself some space from your ex), try getting back into the world around you! Take walks outside or go on picnics with friends—you’re still alive! Don’t let sadness keep
When a relationship ends, it’s not just the other person who is affected. For those with the Air element, a break-up or divorce can leave them feeling lost and confused. They may not know how to move forward, and may feel as though they are drowning in their own emotions.

The key to moving on is learning how to be honest with yourself about what happened in your relationship and why it ended. Once you’ve done that, you can start working on rebuilding your life—one step at a time. Air people tend to be very sensitive people who have a tendency to take things personally. When a relationship ends, this can be especially difficult for you because you believe everything is about you and your personality flaws. You think that if only they were different then maybe things would have worked out better between you and your partner(s).


But this isn’t true! Everyone has flaws; everyone makes mistakes; everyone makes bad choices sometimes—even if those choices seem small at first glance (like choosing not to call when you’re running late). It’s important for air-element people to realize that no one perfects relationships overnight; they require constant work and effort on both sides if they’re going to last long term People with the Air element are often described as being light and carefree, but you also have a tendency to be very emotional. This means that when it comes to dealing with a relationship break-up, you may find themselves in a bit of a struggle.


The first thing you should do is take some time for yourself. This could include anything from going on a solo vacation, to spending time in nature, or even just going for long walks by yourself. You want to make sure you’re allowing yourself time to relax and just be by yourself without feeling like you’re missing out on something else. Next, it’s important to realize that your feelings are valid. People often try to tell us that our emotions aren’t real, or that they aren’t valid—don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Your feelings are real, and they deserve space in your life. Your emotions have value too! Finally, remember that relationships don’t always work out—and not every relationship was meant to last forever anyway! Sometimes things end because they weren’t meant to be together; other times it’s because one person wasn’t ready for what was coming next in their life. Either way: don’t try.

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