Angel Message Of The Day : A Day Of Remembrance



Angel of Freedom, 


This is a day to remember all those who have and continue to offer their life for the sake of others. This is a day of thanksgiving for everyone who has made sacrifices for the freedom dream. This is a day to honor all warriors who answer the call to arms. On this day, we honor all those who have given their life in the service of people they love and care about. On this day, we remember those who continue to offer their life so that others might live freely and peacefully. Today is not an average day, as we all know. It is a day of remembering for all those who have given and continue to dedicate their life for the sake of others.


The mission of a soldier is to answer the call to shine the Light of Source wherever there is darkness. A soldier provides compassion when there is nobody else to turn to. Anyone who heeds the call to share the Light of Source wherever there is darkness is a soldier. This is not a simple task, but if you are willing to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of others, you will find that you have the power to shine light into the deepest crevices.

A soldier is one who answers the call to forgive themselves and others. A soldier is more than one who bears arms. A soldier does not simply serve his country; he serves his family, his community, and his God. He is aware of what it’s like to fight in a conflict between good and evil. He is aware that while some problems may be resolved by combat, not all of them can. A soldier understands how battle brings out the best in people. It teaches them how to operate as a team, how and where to trust one another in battle, and to rely on others when they are most needed. Love for his fellow troops and those he guards with his life is a soldier’s greatest ally.


A soldier provides comfort, compassion, healing, forgiveness, love.  A soldier answers the call of the Creator to stand and be counted. They are warriors, but not in the way we usually think of them. A soldier is one who has taken on the mantle of forgiveness—of themselves and, even more importantly, of others. In order to help another person or cause, they are prepared to let go of their rage and their suffering. In other words, a soldier has the ability to look at their errors without condemnation or judgment, but rather sees them as chances for learning and development.

We could look to our leaders, but they too are just men and women who have been called to serve the highest and best good for all. So perhaps we need to look inside ourselves. Inside us, there is a part of us that knows what is right and what is wrong, for all things. For some people it’s easy to say “yes” when asked to do something; for others, it takes more effort. But it’s always worth it—the effort is worth it because we can know there is a higher purpose in our lives than simply ourselves. There are many soldiers traveling many paths. Express your gratitude to all who serve the highest and best good for all. 


Travel the route in front of you with confidence, and be nice to yourself while you do so. Being nice to yourself will help you down this path of light because it will get you closer to a finish line that has no start or end. Know that all along the way there will be challenges and hardships—but these difficulties only make your journey stronger and more able to bear what it may bring. You are a soldier, a soldier of Light bearing gifts of love, light, compassion, gratitude, courage, strength. 


This day is a day of remembrance of all who have come before you so you may walk in the light in peace. Celebrate the freedom to choose. Today is also a day to honor those who have passed, and to remember those who came before you. They did not walk in darkness; they chose to walk in the light. The world was not made for you alone, but for all humanity. Walk in peace, and know that your ancestors were once like you—they were born free and had the same power as you do now: to choose what’s right for them, and to act on it.

Amanda Cooper

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