Angel Message Of The Day : Acceptance

Archangel Zerachiel 


Trust the process before you this day and all days before you. 


All is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time. 


Appearances are perceptions veiled by that which have come before.


Open yourself to all that awaits you with open arms, an open heart and mind; opening your Soul to Source. 


Be aware of that which makes its presence known to you. 


Be aware of that which attempts to distract you from your path, from your Life Purpose. There are many choices before you, how do you choose wisely? 


Discernment is thy key to all that lay before you this moment. 


Breathe deeply the Light of Source, listen, be open to that which is gifted to you.


In stepping forward upon the path before you, know all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with your  will for your Life Purpose, for your journey in the Earthly realm. 


There are no mistakes; things, people, places, experiences simply co-incide one with the other assisting you along the way. 


Breathe beloved child, for there is only love and light before you


There is only love and light which surrounds you. 


There is only love and light within you. 


Breathe ….

Amanda Cooper

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