Angel Message Of The Day : Allow Your Voice To Be Heard



The sound of your voice is sweet music to all the Heavens.  


The sound of your voice brings forth sounds of gratitude.  


The sound of your voice is reassuring to all around you.  


The sound of your voice is love expressed.  


The sound of your voice lifts your desires from possibility to reality in the physical realm, for it is already made manifest in the Realm of Spirit.


Raise your voice, allow you to be heard . 


We do not say shout your desires, we say instead raise your voice so that you may hear yourself speak aloud. 


Speak aloud in soft, loving tones giving life to all your desires. 


Release all your desires to the heavens


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall accompany you in a most glorious choir singing songs of praise, gratitude, love, giving thanks for the multitude of blessings gifted you.  Allow your voice to be heard this day.

Amanda Cooper

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