Angel Message Of The Day : Angelic Protection

Archangel Michael


Call upon Archangel Michael for protection against all that is not of love, truth, justice, or integrity. Surround you with Light and Love of Divine Source. Ask Archangel Michael to cleanse away all lower energies from your home, work, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When there is no love, truth, justice, or integrity, this means it embodies darkness and negativity that you should not subject yourself to. When there is love, it is the ultimate power that gives compassion and gentleness to everyone involved. When there is truth, all reality is spoken. When there is justice, there is equality and rightfulness. When there is integrity, there is a strong hold on morals and values. You have to keep this balance in your everyday life, as you deserve to have love, truth, justice, and integrity at all times. On the other hand, for the worries, troubles, suffering, and others, ask away for this to be purified, so you no longer have to dwell on them. You will start anew and feel yourself the most.

What is before you at this moment? What situation or possible situation faces you at this moment? Archangel Michael reminds us to call upon him for protection both in the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit. We may encounter several hurdles in our lives, and it is perfectly normal. If you are going through a tough road at this very moment, you shall call upon him so that you will be given guidance and protection. You can rest assured that things will go well as you imagined, and you will be protected from all negativity that may draw you close. Do not let this negativity draw you. Instead, focus on the protection that Archangel Michael brings. Bask on this protection and love that you have been blessed by. Continue to put your attention towards those that will bear fruit for your growth instead of pulling you down.

His mighty Sword pierces through all perceived shadow or darkness, negativity, all attachments, real or perceived, of those who would attempt to draw energy from you. You are ultimately protected from all of the negativity, which would only bring darkness and shadow into your life. The protection against all shadow and darkness will grant you the bliss of having them taken away from you. Without all of these troubles and fears, you will only get to put your body and soul with positivity, love, and light which should surround you. Do not let the darkness conquer; instead, you have to let the love and light have a space in your heart. Let his sword puncture through all of those that you should be avoiding and will do you no good. You will be guided by Archangel Michael in your journey and for all the hurdles you must be going through at this very moment.


Call upon Archangel Michael, whispering his name three times. See that which faces you now, this moment cleansed of all impurity, cleansed of all that is based in fear. See that which faces you as healed in harmony, peace, and light. See that which faces you simply dissolve before you, wrapped in a cocoon of pure white light, floating into the Light for healing and transmutation. When there is healing, you can finally bask in harmony, peace, and light. There is no other way but to dwell in the light that has been blessed for you. 

There is nothing to fear, and there is only Love and Light. Go in peace, journey the path before you in peace and harmony this day and the next. Continue to carry on with your journey, knowing that you are ultimately protected from fear and darkness. Continue to carry on with your journey, knowing that you have been blessed with love and light, and you can bask in them. When you take the path that you desire, know that you are guided and protected. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore, and you can continue on this journey with nothing but courage and love, and light within you. Let the love and peace radiate through you so that you will thrive and prosper. There is none who dare harm a beloved Divine Source.

Amanda Cooper

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