Angel Message Of The Day : Balance All That You Are

 Archangel Raguel 

 Balance all that you are, all that you have, with all you desire. Similar to everything else in life, find the ideal balance between doing too much and being too passive. This includes finding the right amount to spend and not being a selfish jerk, staying out late and not getting in each other’s way, and finding the right amount to chat and not talk at all.

 Balance that which is, with all that is before you. So that you are always completely balanced, it is crucial that you maintain consistency in your person from home to work. When you’re out of balance, what you really are will begin to conflict with who you’re pretending to be.

 Balance your Inner-Self with your outer manifestation. A way out of the lunacy of overwork is semi-retirement, which involves leaving a full-time job and recovering a healthy balance between life and work. Less money is spent while converting to a simpler yet more fulfilling lifestyle and cutting back on expenses.

 Balance hope with faith. Faith is something we all possess. Faith is indeed the hope, trust, and belief we have in God. Not only do we acknowledge that God is capable of doing something, but we also believe in hope and assurance that He will operate to our greatest advantage and by accordance with His good, lovely, and perfect will.

 Balance your thoughts with all that is yet to be made manifest in physical form. You are more likely to find yourself content, nicer, and grateful when your mind is at ease since you won’t be as internally conflicted. You are physically at ease and prepared for anything life may bring your way. And always think about things you’re thankful for in your life.

 Balance creates harmony. In order to maintain your balance and distinct identity, your body, mind, and spirit must all be in a condition of harmony. Being self-aware Harmony is the joy and rhythm that result from being in balance. In all honesty, I believe that starting is the most critical step, regardless of whether you start with balance or harmony. Remember that finding balance is not found in doing things excessively, planning too much, extreme dieting, giving the same amount of time to everything, etc. The connectivity of your entire self is what allows you to take in more without falling, which explains how a small stone may support a larger one, like in the majority of balance images we encounter.

 Harmony is the manifestation of balance in all things, in your entire physical and ethereal bodies. Every one of us is a part of the same spiritual consciousness that is discovering itself in the shape of a human. We are creators, and everything in our lives is a reflection of past creations, whether or not we were aware of what we were doing at the time. The Theory of Desire is a physical law, therefore there is an abundance of evidence to support its presence.

Recognizing that your ideas, emotions, and vibrations generate your world is really quite fantastic. Now, everything is possible. You are not a casualty of luck or circumstance. You are limitless.

 Light a white candle, and give thanks for all that has manifested within and around you. The first step in expressing sincere gratitude to God is to keep Him in mind at all times. He must be present in our words, actions, and thoughts for us to remember Him. If we never consider or mention God, we cannot express thankfulness to Him. When we choose to think, speak, and behave in the way He would have us, we are choosing to remember Him.

 Give thanks for all that is before you. More than politeness, etiquette, or manners, gratitude is a powerful emotion. It’s about expressing your sincere gratitude. When you express thanks to someone, you are also exercising the first two aspects of gratitude: noticing something positive and showing genuine appreciation for it.

 Give thanks for you are love beyond measure. Thank the All-Powerful for giving you everything in life, including the food you eat, the acquaintances you make, the love in your heart, and that wonderful start. Praise the Lord in all things. Your feelings of gratitude may prompt you to do something nice or thoughtful for someone else.

Amanda Cooper

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