Angel Message Of The Day : Balance Earth & Spirit

Archangel Metatron


Balance in all things earthly. Balance in all things spiritual. When there is balance in your life, you can expect that all will be in harmony, and you will feel as if everything is well. When there is balance in all things, all that surrounds you will feel they are in place. You have to balance both things, earthly and spiritual, so that you will feel the most fulfilled. You will feel the harmony and balance that you have been seeking for.


How does one attain balance when at first, it appears there are so many who experience lack? It may not seem achievable, but you have to know that you will earn the power of balance soon enough. You just have to acknowledge what you desire the most and how you nourish all things earthly and spiritual. Sometimes it may feel that you are lacking, may it be material things or not. Regardless, you have to focus on keeping a certain balance with your desires and tending to yourself. It may not seem much, but you have to take care of your needs, too. 


Lack is the perception of not having enough time, enough money, a better job, or not having the right person to share your life with. Lack is another name for fear. This is why you have to balance your inner Spirit with Earthly desires. It may seem that you are lacking some of the aspects of life, but you have to remember that all will come to you in due time. That means you have to acknowledge the blessings that you have at this moment. What are you most grateful for, and what have you achieved already? Do not be afraid of the things that are coming your way. Instead, accept them with open arms. You will get what you desire soon enough. 


Balance your inner spirit with Spiritual Growth. We ask you to ponder for a few moments gifting your Self with time. Gift your Self with loving words. Gift another with words, thoughts, and acts of kindness without regard for return. You have to nurture your soul so that you will feel the most fulfilled. Remember that you are more deserving of time, words, and actions with love and compassion. Hence, you should strive not only to give this love and compassion to others but to yourself as well. You have to look into how you are treating yourself too. Give yourself the best treatment, as that is what you deserve. 


In what way or ways will you choose to balance the Earthly Realm with the Spiritual Realm, both of which reside within you at this moment? Even if you are the busiest with your responsibilities as an adult, you have to take the time to also nurture your soul. That means you have to give yourself a breather every now and then. It is most important to take care of your heart and soul by nourishing them. Focus on maintaining the balance 


Balance can be as simple as taking a deep breath, calming yourself, passing along your smile to another, and giving a moment of your time, especially when it appears there is so little time to share with your Self. You have to give love to yourself as you give love to others, too. You are worthy of time and effort, and you have to make sure that you have enough time for yourself and that you are doing things for yourself. If you are giving yourself the utmost importance as you give to your loved ones, you will thrive. Give yourself a chance to flourish further in life, and try your very best to attain the so-called balance that will give harmony to all that surrounds and within you. 


All are freely given by Divine Source. Why, then, should what is freely given be held from you or held from another? You are deserving of time, hope, and love. You deserve to obtain balance in what you most desire in this world and get enough love and compassion. Even if you are striving to acquire your desires, let yourself receive the same love you give to the world. Give freely, for it is freely given.

Amanda Cooper

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