Angel Message Of The Day : Balance, Rebalance



In all things seek balance. 


In work and play seek balance. 


In action and solitude seek balance. 


There are many choices before you this day; choice between light and shadow, love and anger, dis-harmony and harmony, despair and joy, suffering and healing. 


Each step, each breath, each thought gifts you with choice, to choose differently than the moment before. 


Gift yourself with a moment of silence, re-balancing thoughts, emotions, action or non-action. 


Light a green candle, focus upon the flame. 

The flame of a candle is steady, burning brightly, a beacon of light in the darkness. 


At times there is movement, enough movement to snuff the light of the candle, simply re-light the flame … re-light the flame within you. 


That which is before you, seek the nugget of joy within the situation or circumstance; seek balance in thought, emotion, action. 


Seek peace within, seek the light, seek harmony. 


Seek balance this day and the days before you. 


Go in peace.


Amanda Cooper

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