Angel Message Of The Day : Be Unafraid

Archangel Chamuel 


In seeking Source, you seek yourself. 


In the moment of the asking, all is forgiven. 


In the moment of the asking, all is made manifest before you.


In the asking, in the seeking, in the opening, all is revealed. 


Do you seek love? 


Do you love you wholly and completely? 


Do you accept you wholly and completely? 


Seek first within, the love of Divine Source. 


Be unafraid to remove the mask you show others around you, seeing past all that has come before for it has no hold upon you. 


Be unafraid to step forth on the path before you, for it offers you all your desires. 


Seek first the Realm of Spirit through Divine Source. 


Seek first through Source, for Divine Source holds dominion over all things great and small. 


Seek first the light and love within you. 


All shall be laid to rest at your feet. 


Seek first that which is within you in all ways, in all things.

Amanda Cooper

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