Angel Message Of The Day : Become Still

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth


Your Spiritual Self is that part of you that flows through physical realm experiences, remembering your connection to Divine Source. We ask you to remain open, flowing easily and gracefully with all of life, both physical and ethereal. You must be ready to embrace all that is coming your way, may it be in its earthly or spiritual form. Trust the process, and you should learn how to accept it without hesitation. Remember that the process of getting what you desire may take some time. However, there is a greater plan ahead of you that is coming your way.


There are no mistakes, and there are no coincidences; things only coincide, coming together, flowing one into the other. When you are at your lowest, it may seem like nothing is going well. However, you must remember that all is meant to happen, and everything happens for a reason. All that is meant to be – will be. Let things flow as it is, and trust that there are next steps ahead for you. You may not know it well yet, but you will experience it soon enough. Hence, it is most important that you put yourself out there, and you must accept and embrace changes and transitions that are most vital in this process. 


There may be moments in which you find yourself experiencing dissatisfaction with or about situations around you. That which is occurring around or perhaps within you is often perceived as reality in the earthly realm. Even if it is not the ideal situation, you have to carry on with your journey. You have the power to choose the reality you desire the most, and you have the utmost control over making it true. Even if there are moments that may not be to your liking, know that all will be well in time. Regardless of what situation tomorrow may bring, you will find your footing, too. 


As you walk the path opening before you, you should become still. Breathe. See. Hear. Is this really what you are choosing to experience at this moment? Let yourself embrace the next steps ahead, and choose to experience the greatness of life no matter the situation. Remember to take a breather when things may get overwhelming. It may seem confusing at first, but you will see the bigger picture soon enough. Being still will give you a chance to reflect and prioritize what should matter to you. Try to connect with your heart and soul, and choose what is best. Breathe so that you will release all your worries and fears. See so that you will fully visualize the path you are seeking for. Hear so that you can fully use your senses in looking for the right path. 


We ask you to remember you are always aligned with Divine Source. With each step along the path before you, with each healing experience, you become more spiritually aligned with who you truly are, a beloved child of the Divine Source capable of manifesting all you desire, for there is only abundance and prosperity in all forms manifesting before you each moment. When you manifest what you truly desire, you shall achieve this at the earliest. Let yourself choose, and you will get on the path that you are meant to be on. Trust in the guiding light that is radiating within you. Do not let it falter and dim. Instead, let it shine bright and lead you the way. Furthermore, every time that you will lose your way and fail, rest assured that these experiences are only there for your growth. You will continue to prosper as long as you keep moving forward.


How shall you choose to experience the path before you at this moment and the next and the next? You have to choose how you will take in every moment so that it will not go to waste. Remember that you have the ultimate power to choose what comes next for you. Choose what is right and what you deserve the most. Trust in the guiding light that radiates within you. Remember that you know yourself best, and you know what you deserve. Will you choose to flow in joy and harmony?

Amanda Cooper

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