Angel Message Of The Day : Befriend You



Befriend you. 


Be in integrity with yourself. 


Be just with you. 


Be gentle with you. 


Be compassionate with you. 

Be that which you desire in another. 


Be not afraid to acknowledge your true Self, your inner core essence. 


We do not ask you to go about exposing your core essence. 

We ask you to accept your core essence, your radiant Inner-Self. 


Accepting you is to embrace all that has come before bringing you to this moment. 


Accepting you, is acknowledging where you find yourself now. 


Accepting you, is being open to all you desire, knowing there are no limitations, no lack, no fear, only love and light illuminating the path before you. 


Befriend you. 


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall open the way before you this day and all the days yet to come.

Amanda Cooper

NourishingYourSpirit, brought to you by Altrusitic Pte. Ltd., is a spiritual platform for all users to be educated and enriched with vital spiritual content that will aid them in their life's journey. Daily Astrological Forecast along with spiritual content in astrology, tarot, psychic, manifestation, etc. will be open for everyone to read. With our dedicated Amanda Cooper, spiritual enthusiast, who will bring about constant updates so that everyone can benefit through their walk in life.

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