Angel Message Of The Day : Breath Of Life

Archangel Remiel 


Breathe the breath of life; awaken the Spark of Divinity within. There is a spark of life everywhere you go, and it is much deep within your heart. It is just lurking, waiting to be ignited once again. There is a light that you are holding to at this moment, and know that a spark is all that it takes for a fire to start.


Hope is a thought of something better, a prayer unspoken, a wish unfilled. When you hold onto hope, that means you are holding on to all your goals and aspirations. You are hoping that things will be better for you from now on, and they will be. You have to hold onto this hope that there are better days ahead of you. It is a wish that will soon be granted. Continue to hold on to it, and let it be your guiding light.


One must accept the call to action, for without action, there can be the only hope. If you only hold onto the hope without doing anything, it will only stay as hope. However, if you vigorously make ends meet and for you to reach your goals, the hope will no longer just stay as hope. You will continue to make your hope your ultimate goal, and you will be rewarded well. Hence, you should not only manifest what you want in your life, but you should also strive to be a better person to achieve your goals too. 


Hope is a first step along the path before you, trusting you are following that which is before you with integrity, with faith. When you put your hope into something, that means you are putting the very first step forward in hoping that things will be better from now on and forward. You have taken the step that will lead you to something better, and you will feel that you have a purpose. When you trust that all will be well, that means you have faith in the process that you are in at this very moment.


Hope is a beautiful gift, or it can hold you where you are. Hope works in both ways where. It could start something new for you, or your hope can just stay as it is, and you will stay in the same place where you have been. When you stay in that place, you will just continue to hope without any work in sight. This will do you no good, and you most likely will not achieve your dreams and aspirations. 


Breathe, beloved one, for there is always hope for a better, more loving way. Hope is a gift to be treasured, for, without hope, there would be much shadow. If you do not hold on to hope that things will be better, there will no longer be light and love. You have to hold on to the faith that all will be well in due time. People are all made out of hopes and dreams, the people that they aspire to be. This spark ignites something in us that will help us lead a better life for ourselves.


Hope is the spark of light within, seeking to light the way, clearing the path to that which is for your highest and best good. When there is hope, the spark will be ignited. Once it is ignited, the fire and the light within your heart and soul will bloom brightly. When this happens, you will feel that you are able to take on anything and everything. 


Allow the light within to nurture hope into strength, and faith, trusting all is unfolding before you in love and light. Hope is a gift to be treasured. Embrace hope with all of its glory, and let it radiate through you. There is a lot that you should be hopeful for in the coming days, months, and years ahead of your life. Hold on to that hope, and live your life with light and love in your heart and soul. In this way, you will be the most fulfilled, and you will understand your true purpose in life.


Accept the gift of hope as you move forward along the journey.

Amanda Cooper

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