Angel Message Of The Day : Choose Your Point Of Focus



In the early dawn of the morning all rise with the glorious light of the sun; a symbol of light, warmth, of passions renewed. 


Think back, for a moment, to that which has passed. 


Were there not moments, many moments of joy, happiness, laughter, love? 

Perhaps there was but a moment or two that were not as you wanted them to be. 


Will you choose to dwell in this place? 


Choose instead to dwell in those moments which brought joy, laughter, happiness, hope and faith in the moments yet to be. 


Choose to dwell among thoughts, feelings of joy, love and happiness. 

You will attract more joy, happiness, laughter, and love. 


Choosing to dwell on the few moments of fleeting disappointment and you will attract more disappointment. 


Choose your point of focus wisely.

Amanda Cooper

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