Angel Message Of The Day : Clarity

The Guardian Angel of Clarity helps us remember to expand our vision beyond the confines of our current beliefs and views. As we engage in conversation with other people, we are presented with the option to choose how we see other people. Do we make the conscious decision to see them through the prism of hostility, rage, or fear? Or do we make the conscious decision to look at them with love, compassion, and understanding?

It’s not hard to be swept up in the bad energy and emotions that other people are projecting. It’s possible that we are too eager to judge and condemn others, focusing exclusively on their weaknesses and mistakes. The Guardian Angel of Clarity, however, brings to our attention the fact that this is not the only way to see other people. We have the ability to select an alternative way of seeing the world, one that will allow us to open our hearts and minds to the potential that lies inside every individual.

This does not mean that we have to pretend that other people’s experiences do not exist or disregard them. It is only an invitation to look beyond their outward looks and into the heart of the person that they really are. Every individual is navigating their own one-of-a-kind path, fraught with the trials and tribulations that are specific to them. When we make the conscious decision to observe them with openness and comprehension, we expose ourselves to a more profound degree of connection and compassion.

So how exactly can we develop this sense of lucidity inside ourselves? In this sense, the Guardian Angel of Clarity provides some direction and assistance. We are commanded to look for clarity inside ourselves, to establish a connection with the truth and knowledge that are within us. When we are firmly rooted in our own sense of clarity, we are in a better position to see the experiences of others with compassion and understanding.

The process of gaining understanding within ourselves could need some introspective labor on our part. It is possible that we need to investigate our own perceptions and ideas in order to determine the extent to which we are putting restrictions on ourselves or clinging to preconceived notions and prejudices. To achieve mental stillness and make a connection with our own innate knowledge, we may need to make the habit of meditating or practicing mindfulness every day.

As we work on developing this inner clarity, we start to view the world around us in a new way. We start to see beyond the illusions of fear and separation, into the fundamental oneness and connectivity of all things, and this changes our perspective significantly. We start to see that each individual has their own unique beauty and potential, as well as the fact that we are all traveling on this path together.

Hence, let us follow the summons of the Guardian Angel of Clarity, and search for this inner clarity inside ourselves. Let us make the conscious decision to see one another with compassion and understanding, and to perceive the inherent beauty and potential in every individual. When we do this, we make the first steps toward a more graceful and harmonious world, and we also take fewer steps along the road that lies in front of us.

Amanda Cooper

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