Angel Message Of The Day : Clear Thinking

Angel Prince of the North, 


In any given moment there are a multitude of thoughts in your mind, a multitude of emotions in your heart and in your body. You can choose to feel them, or not. You can choose to let them rule you, or not. There is an endless amount of choices available to you at any given time: what to think about, what to feel and how to act upon those feelings. It’s important to remember that we are not our thoughts or feelings – we are more than that.


When you’re feeling down or upset, try thinking about all the great things that have happened in your life recently; when you’re feeling happy and excited about something special happening, think about all the reasons why it’s important for everyone involved; when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the world around you, try taking some time out for yourself – no matter how small – so that everything else can continue without interruption; when you’re struggling with something difficult in life, try focusing on all the people who love me unconditionally and give me strength as they see me through this difficult time. Each thought, each emotion carries its own unique energy vibration. You always have free will to choose your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. 


In moments of turmoil, dis-harmony, remember to breathe. For in breathing even for a moment, the body, mind and Spirit release all they carry. You see the world through the lens of your own experiences and perspectives, which means that some things will be more important to you than others. And yet, it’s also true that all things exist in a state of balance—they’re interdependent and interconnected, like a circle or a spiral.


Aspects of yourself are always in flux; you are constantly evolving, growing and changing as time goes on. But because you’re human, you’ll also have moments where things seem to stand still—like an earth-bound planet going around a sun: day after day after day after day.The same is true for you: You may feel stuck or stuck within yourself at times; but if we look closely enough, we’ll see that it’s only because we’ve become complacent or lazy with our lives, allowing life to pass us by while we do nothing to change it. It’s time now for each of us to step up and make our mark on this world—to make sure that what happened yesterday does not happen again tomorrow


In the moment of each breath is the choice to choose differently. Choose to give thanks for your many blessings. Choose to reach for the next best thought, the next and the next. You are not defined by what you have been through or what you have experienced. You are not defined by your mistakes or your successes. You are not defined by the outcome of a single event or circumstance.


You are defined by how you choose to respond in any given moment. Your responses determine whether you will continue to grow and flourish or whether you will remain stagnant in your current state of being. Every moment is an opportunity for change, growth and transformation. Every moment is an opportunity for knowing more about yourself and for expanding your perspective on life beyond what you currently know about yourself and how it impacts your life now and in the future.


It is time to take a deep breath. Take a moment to focus on what is positive in your life. What has brought you to this moment? What are the things that you are grateful for? Do not forget to give thanks for all that has come before you. There have been many moments in your life when soothing yourself appeared overwhelming. The good news is that these experiences have prepared you for today’s challenges. They have taught you a valuable lesson: that we must work hard and persist even when it feels like nothing will change. As difficult as it may be, there is hope for tomorrow. The future does lie ahead of us.


When calming oneself seems overwhelming, decide to contact a dependable friend. Refocus your emotions by expressing thanks for all that has led up to this point. Decide to be grateful for all that is in front of you. Clear your thoughts, letting go of your grief and anguish so that more love and light can radiate through you today, tomorrow, and the day after that. Clear your mind, body, and spirit of the past to prepare for everything that lies ahead.

Amanda Cooper

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