Angel Message Of The Day : Comfort Of Source



The blanket of Source covers you this day. You deserve to bask in the warmth and love you give to everyone else. When you focus on the love within your heart, all you will feel is the comfort and peace of mind you are seeking, and this will lead you to good things. It will not only make you feel better but you will also radiate light and comfort to everyone else around you. Let yourself be the light that will conquer everything that you may encounter today. Let yourself radiate the light and give comfort to yourself and others. But most importantly, you must bask in this warmth and let the light seep in. Let there be light in every way that you take.


The Light of Source enfolds you this day. The light within you is always there, you have to look for it and feel it. When you are in the presence of the guiding light, rest assured that the worries and fears you have been feeling will go away. You will be guided to the right path, toward the greatness and positivity you are seeking for. There is no doubt that things will be alright sooner or later. You have to keep the faith and learn to believe in yourself so you will only manifest good things. The light will always be with you, no matter where you go. You just have to focus on the positivity and the warmth shall envelop you soon enough. There is nothing but love and hope for you, just as you deserve. 


Unconditional love and acceptance surround you this day. The light will not only give you the comfort and love you are looking for, but it will also let you bask in unconditional love and acceptance. When everything else seems the most overwhelming and you no longer feel that you are in control, know that you are loved beyond measure. You will be accepted and loved no matter what choice you shall make with your life. In every step you will be taking, the light and love are within you. Always remember. 


You are wrapped in a loving cocoon of light and protection this day and all the days before you. The light is there to give you the utmost comfort you are seeking. Go and cover yourself with the warmth it brings, and learn how important you are to the world. Surround yourself with the good, and this includes the cocoon of warmth the light brings and being around people that bring joy to your soul. This way, you will be able to focus on what matters to you and what you should bring to your life instead. 


On another note, know that the light will also protect you from the negativity that is trying to make its way to your heart. Please know that what you are going through are just quick hindrances and they will not last. Soon, you will be able to get through whatever you are in right now. You have to surround yourself with people with positive souls like yourself, and things that will make you a better person. Anything that inflicts good reinforcement in your life is worth keeping. Otherwise, you should not let these things stay in your life.


Travel the path before you with a light step of love in your heart and with music in your Soul. The light will be guiding you on the right path that you should be taking. When you are your best version of yourself, you will surely flourish and all of the things you are trying to conquer will be no match with your faith. Bring the light in every progress you will be making, so that you will emit positivity in your life and manifest good things. In whatever you will be doing, you will thrive. For now, remind yourself that you deserve all of the good things in the world and there is nothing but love and hope this light will bring. You are always learning and growing, so you should not be afraid to go out there. With the love and light that you keep in your heart, you will prosper. 


Amanda Cooper

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