Angel Message Of The Day : Commit Yourself



Declare yourself, declare your desires, declare your intentions. When you declare what you truly want, it means you are acknowledging who you are, your desires, and your intentions for the world. Do not be afraid and say what you want to say. You will manifest your goals this way. You have to proclaim whatever you are longing for so that you will be able to claim this future you are seeking for yourself. When you proclaim what you desire, you are committing yourself to these goals and intentions. You have to keep going so that you will truly acquire them in the near future. 


It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. The written word is mightier than that which is merely spoken. When it is written, the words are documented and will live for a long time. This means the words will be living forevermore. When the words are declared through writing, your truth is spoken this way. You are claiming these words as your own and manifesting them to the universe. There is nothing else better than to say what you truly desire to the world. 

Speaking the truth is part of the whole. When you speak your truth, that means you are no longer letting anyone hinder what you truly want. Be brave and let yourself free by speaking your truth. When you have spoken your truth, you are yourself. Proclaim your desires with truth in your heart so that they will no longer perish. Commit to your desires so that they will come true one way or another. Trust that all will occur but in due time.


Are you willing to declare yourself with the written word? You have to let yourself talk about what you truly want through writing. Are you willing to center your Inner-Self with the outer, aligning your desires with that which is for the highest and best good for all? This means having harmony within your heart and mind when you are speaking your truth. All should be aligned so that you will feel that everything is in harmony.


Are you willing to set aside your perceptions of truth? Are you willing to cast aside all doubt, lack, and fear of not receiving your heart’s desires? Are you willing to trust the process? You have to trust that all will be well in time. Do not be fooled by what you are able to perceive at this moment. Instead, focus on your heart and mind and what it really says. Trust the process so that you will harbor the fruits in time.

Ask, and it is given to you in the moment of the asking without delay, without condition. These words you have been given. You have to be brave and ask what you truly desire. At the same time, trust that all will be well and be given to you in time. Do you not trust that which is given you in Spirit? You have to remember that all that is given to you is a blessing. On the other hand, you have to trust that all will be well in due time.


There are many distractions, many twists and turns upon the path before you. When you are faced with several distractions, your path may be hindered. This is why you should highly prioritize things that should matter to you. At the same time, let go of the things that no longer serve you. 


Trust all is occurring in Divine Time in accordance with the highest and best good for all involved, regardless of appearances, regardless of circumstances. You have to completely and utterly trust the process that you are going through so that you will no longer be afraid. You have to let all of the expectations go and trust that what you manifested will come true in the end.


Commit yourself to the written word. Continue to commit to whatever is written, and trust that all will happen in due time. You have to trust so that you can fully commit. Manifest all the things that you desire in this world. You will surely be able to get them. Are you willing to commit yourself to this day?

Amanda Cooper

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