Angel Message Of The Day : Communication With The Self

Angel Ambriel 


Communicating desires of the Soul from the heart may at first appear as challenges filled with fear. There is always a chance that your heart may be crippled with fear, and this is the reason why you cannot speak of what you truly desire the most. Fear of not getting what you want may lead you to doubt yourself or the process that you may go through. Fear of being honest with yourself may lead you to delude yourself into thinking you may want another instead of what you desire the most. When your heart is filled with fear, it would truly be hard, to be honest with what you truly desire in this world. Hence, you should learn how to communicate what you want by releasing all of the fear inside of you.  


Speaking one’s truth from the heart through the Soul can seek to release the Self from all that is not from love. When you finally have the courage to speak your truth, you will feel as if you have been released from all the constraints of the world. When there is only love in your heart, that means you are no longer giving space to fear, doubts, and other negative thoughts that may hinder you. It is a must that you release all of the darkness that will not only affect your thoughts and feelings but may also hinder you from achieving your true desires. If you release all of this darkness inside, you will make space for the greatness of the Divine Source. There would be space for Light and Love.


There is only love, and there is only the protection of Divine Source and that of my brethren and me. Rest assured that with love, there is only compassion, kindness, and warmth. Rest assured that with protection, there is only safety and security. All of what you have been seeking will be given to you by the Divine Source. Hence, you must no longer doubt the process that you are going through. Instead, you have to put all of your faith and trust that all will be well and that you will truly get what you desire the most in the world. You have been given unconditional love and protection in all ways, and you must show appreciation and gratitude.


If you cannot release all that you desire into the Light of Divine Source, how shall you then communicate with you, discovering that which you truly desire? You must surrender all of these negative thoughts that may cloud your mind. Then, surrender all of what you truly desire the most in the world and manifest. When you give your full trust that what you are manifesting will come true, you will certainly achieve it and so much more. You will get to unlock the full potential of finally seeking your desires in the Universe. You will be able to communicate your desires and paths that you wish to take in your journey.


Release the fear of not manifesting all that you desire. Open your heart and mind to receiving all that is already yours in the Realm of Spirit. Open your heart and mind to receiving all that is being made manifest in the physical realm. It is a must that you should release all of the negativity that will not do you any good. Afterward, embrace what comes next for you. Whatever you manifest should come true. All that is meant for you will eventually be yours or even better. Let things flow as they are meant to be, and embrace all that is given to you.


Declare your intentions with clarity from the heart. In knowing your true Self, you will get to fully acknowledge your intentions and desires. Be firm with what you manifest, and be firm with your feelings, emotions, and actions. You have always known yourself better than anyone else in this world, and you will be able to communicate the desires of your Soul. You must speak your truth, coming from within you. Then, focus on the light and love that surrounds you every day. You know that which you most desire. Are you then going to choose to deny you that which is already yours?

Amanda Cooper

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