Angel Message Of The Day : Darkest Before The Dawn

Archangel Haniel 


In the hours before the dawning of a new day, before the dawning of infinite possibilities, before the final manifestation into physical form, shadows of fear may rise within, creating the appearance of great darkness all around you. Even if you have been persistent all along, doubt may come to you in all forms, and it is normal. This is the exact moment where you have to hold on to the hope that all will be well in time. You have to not let this fear get to you so that you will only be able to manifest the good things that you deserve. Release all of the energy that you should no longer be holding on to. Let it go and remind yourself of the journey you have been on. Afterward, remind yourself to trust that all will come to fruition.


When you are trying to reach the end of the tunnel, you will feel that it is getting darker, and doubts may arise at these times. When this happens, the darkness may loom towards your heart and creep up on your mind. Do not be afraid, and make sure not to let these things fester. Continue to walk towards the path where you are headed, and do not be scared, as you are never alone in this journey. Even if you are having trouble reaching the end of the tunnel, know that it is all part of the grand process that you are in. Little by little, things are going to go better for you from then on. Trust in the guiding light that it will lead you to what you truly desire.


Know it is at this moment when all would appear to be beyond your reach, the skies clear, rainbows manifest in places where there should be none assuring you all is well, and all is indeed occurring as you desire or better. You may be having a hard time at this moment but know that the skies will clear, too. This means that you will soon see what you truly desire, or you will get much better as you truly deserve. You have to trust the process, starting from the whole until the end, and do not let go of this faith. All will be well for you at the soonest, and you just have to believe.  


When you are at your lowest low, this is the best time to continue and trust that all will be well. It may not seem like it at this moment, but you are certainly doing your very best now to achieve your goals. This kind of perseverance will never go unnoticed, and what you desire will come to fruition in no time. The possibility that you will prosper will always be there, or you will receive something better. You deserve this and so much more. 


There is nothing, no one to fear, for there is no loss. All of what you are working hard for will give you results that you can only imagine. It may be what you have desired all along, or so much better will be given to you. Trust that you will reach your goals and more. You have always been blessed, and you will be forever more. Trust that you will be getting what you truly desire right from the start. There is nothing lost with all of what you have given, and they will all be fruits that you will sow later on. You have nothing to fear since all of what you have been through will always be a lesson learned. You will always gain something, and you will always be blessed. 


There is only love. There is only light. Let the love be prominent in your heart. Continue to spread love and let it be your ultimate guide to goodness and all of which you desire. Let there be light in your heart, and continue to hope that all will be well in time. Spread the love and light wherever you go. Continue to manifest only good things. Believe that all will be well in time. There is only manifestation into physical form that has already been made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name.

Amanda Cooper

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