Angel Message Of The Day : Degrees Of Transformation



Transforming thoughts, emotions, actions, is as simple or as complicated as you choose. Easy is a word to measure degrees of difficulty or challenge one faces as choices present themselves for consideration. 


Allow you to feel, acknowledging where you are keeping your heart and mind on where you want to be, do or have. 

Seeking Divine Light is as simple as stepping out from shadow and darkness into the light


Stepping into Divine Light is as simple as stepping to the side, allowing the shadows of others to flow past you. 


Transformation is pivoting from one point of view to another in one leap or one step at a time along the path before you. 


Sound the trumpet! 

Allow only light and love into your heart, mind, into your Soul. 


Sound the trumpet! 


Allow the wind to move all that no longer serves your highest and best good from you. Sound the trumpet! 


Allow the rain to wash from you sorrow and pain. 


Sound the trumpet! 

All is forgiven, all is made whole, all is made complete. 


You are whole, complete and perfect, now at this moment


Travel in peaceful harmony this day beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure.

Amanda Cooper

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