Angel Message Of The Day : Discernment



All is in choosing a beloved child.  


There are countless ways to travel the journey before you.  


Do you seek guidance as to which path and how best to travel that which lay before you?   


Call upon me, light 3 white candles, settle yourself. 


Ask to be shown the way.  


All shall be revealed in the asking.  


Do you seek to know your Life Purpose?  


All shall be revealed in the asking.  

Do you seek ways in which to live your Life Purpose more fully?  


All shall be revealed in the asking.  


Choose among the countless choices.  


It is in the choosing all shall be made manifest before you.  

Be willing to see past perceived limitations.  


Be willing to see past that which may displease or frighten you.  


Be willing to open your heart with compassion for yourself. 


The journey is not the goal; the journey is the culmination of all experiences both positive and negative.  


All that is yet to be made manifest is but awaiting you. 


Choose wisely with compassion, for in choosing, you choose the path before you.

Amanda Cooper

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