Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Direction

Archangel Jehudiel 


Energy swirls around you in great gusts, gently caressing your skin, nudging you ever so slightly or carrying you forward by leaps and bounds. 


It matters not how, when, or the speed with which you journey along your path. 


Know there will be pebbles and branches to tug at your feet, thoughts, emotions, circumstances which create that which appear to be detours. 


Detours are opportunities to slow down, breathe, adjust, communicate, reach out; purge inner stresses. 


Many are the challenges in the physical realm. 

Challenges are ever present, harmony is ever present. 


In those instances, as you find yourself in the midst of seeming chaos, reach through all that would direct you away from your Divine Direction of love and light. 


Beloved child all is well today. 


All is in Divine Order


All is occurring in Divine Perfection. 


Light a candle of deep indigo blue; imagine all your cares, all your worries, all that is not of love and light, to be consumed by the light of the flame. 

Know the only truth is love, peace, harmony, bliss, abundance and prosperity. 


Journey towards the light, be steady, all is well this day.

Amanda Cooper

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