Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Nature Within

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth 


Be still this day, awakening your inner core essence. Your ultimate truth is what makes life truly exist. Life has meaning once you accept its essence. Simply put, it should provide you with peace, give you a sense of life, and serve your purpose. For some, it may be to promote love or peace. Another option is to strive for growth or to affect one million lives.


Your core essence is your true Self, that which guides you along the path before you. There are many pebbles, stones and perhaps tree roots which attempt to trip you, distracting you from trusting. The primary reason we perceive the realms of mind, heart, and body as being in opposition to essence is because of this sense of self, which is the foundation of the personality, and the need to protect and preserve it. The truth is that if you are just yourself, others will certainly appreciate you more. It increases your credibility, makes you more fun to work with, and demonstrates your willingness to stand apart. Be yourself, embrace your uniqueness and authentic self, and cultivate self-respect.


Trust all is well occurring in Divine Time in-tune with choices made providing guidance with each step, each breath, each emotion, each thought along the way. According to this hypothesis, some specific good feelings, such as joy, interest, happiness, pride, and love, all have the power to expand people’s fleeting thought-action repertoires and develop their enduring personal resources, which can include both physical and intellectual ones. According to the research, emotions are strong, pervasive, predictable, occasionally detrimental, and occasionally advantageous drivers of decision-making. Important patterns can be observed in the methods through which emotions affect judgments and decisions across a variety of domains.

Be not afraid, do not focus upon the absence of what you desire to be made manifest. Finding your life’s purpose may seem like a nice-to-have, but it’s more crucial than you would realize. A meaningful existence lowers the chance of developing chronic diseases and promotes improved physical and mental fitness. Even more, studies have revealed that it can lengthen your life.

Be not afraid of that which awaits you just beyond the next bend. Don’t allow your local environment to bother you. You shouldn’t stress about the present moment. Don’t let your immediate surroundings bother you. The present shouldn’t be a source of worry for you.


All is well today. Simply keep in mind that good modifies a person, place, or object, whereas well modifies an action when deciding whether good or well is the better choice for your statement. The key indicator of a successful day is how you’re feeling. The phrase all will be well has a way of dragging us down even further by bringing its brothers, hopelessness, and fear. The best course of action is to trust, however, sometimes we don’t have the greatest ideas to handle the circumstance.


All is in alignment for your highest and best good. A commitment or affiliation to a cause, circumstance, or individual. Aligning with something essentially means that we concur with it. Frequently, this is how we feel settled about anything we see. It encompasses our opinions, decisions, and life goals, disregards what others may be expecting and follows conscience. We go our own way, but we should be good-hearted and friendly. We have a strong sense of morality and hold rules and regulations in low regard.


All things are for your joy and happiness, peaceful harmony, serenity and balance, prosperity and abundance. It is the energy of unformed matter (cause), of more than enough of anything you can think of as possible, and abundance is a universal principle that exists everywhere. The manifestation of the abundance principle in a particular physical form is called prosperity.

Free yourself this day, discovering a new-found peacefulness within. It’s not necessarily true that whatever you are praying for it will be okay and that is why you have peace; rather, the Divine gives you peace regardless of the circumstances or degree of doubt surrounding the thing for which you are praying.

Amanda Cooper

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