Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Truth



Truth lay in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. 


If this were so, how then would you go about seeking the keys to unlocking the great secrets of this ancient wisdom and knowledge? 


Look to you, go within, seek the silence in between thoughts, between breaths. 


Look at you, all you seek lay within you. 


Thoughts, emotions, actions contain nuggets of your Golden Truth. 


Gold is purity of thought, emotional purity, and purity of intention. 


Gold is the covering of protection. 


Your inner core essence is smelted, heated and purified, transforming leaden energy into Golden Light. 


Light a candle of gold, focus for a few moments on the flame. 


What colors do you see within the flame? 


Imagine all that would cause you worry or pain to be consumed in the flame of the candle. 


All is transformed into pure, radiant light, released to the Heavens for healing. 


Truth lay in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages.

Amanda Cooper

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