Angel Message Of The Day : Divinity Within

Archangel Taharial 

 Light a candle of white, allow the warmth of the flame to reignite the Spark of Divinity within your core essence. There is a glimmer of the Divine within every one of us. The inside of the universe invites us with breath-taking regions of beauty, unfathomable panoramas of sights and sounds, limitless wisdom, and all-encompassing love. The Divine Light never stops shining.

 You are light. You are in love . You are Divine Grace. You are perfect. When you first started, you radiated light that can shine even in the darkest of times.

With your light, pierce this country’s heart, and illuminate everyone with your heavenly knowledge. Pierce the soul of our nation with your light, and slay the monsters of hatred and violence. Pierce the soul of our nation with your light, that our hearts swell with hope and our hands are firmly grasping. And our inside organs gird themselves fiercely. We also have hearts that pump lifeblood. Of the birth of an odd, brilliant new beginning

You are whole and complete, now at this moment. You may already be aware of this practice, but it is really important. We constantly strive to improve, and a lot of the goals we set are driven by a sense of scarcity: I don’t have any money, so this year I want to make more money.

 Allow the light from the flame of the candle to cast its glow all around you, enfolding your entire being in Heavenly white light. The “torch of the Lord,” or “light of reason,” that the Lord has placed inside us may be discovered to shine brightly enough for all our purposes. The candle’s wick stands in for our hearts, which keep us connected throughout life.

 All creatures great and small carry within the Spark of Divinity. Getting in touch with the divine spark that resides inside of you is the main goal of The Divine Sparks. Every single one of us is a Divine Child of God with the unfathomable power to Heal, Change, and Be Happy. However, we occasionally lose sight of this Divine spark within us and concede defeat in the face of difficult situations. In order to connect you to the divine healing and blessings of the almighty creator, The Divine Sparks was created. The Divine Sparks’ mission is to close the distance between you and the creator so you might undergo healing, renewal, and remarkable changes in your life.

 Are you willing to see the Spark of Divinity within you? The Christ spirit is a spark of divinity that lives within every human. They are essentially good since God is a part of them at their very core. The most successful approach is to be willing to notice it in others if you want to realize and convey this reality in your life.In other words, you will start to recognize and live yourself as a “divine child of God” as you begin to experience and understand everyone else as of that kind. In the end, you will indeed be able to acknowledge your own divinity by recognizing it in everyone else because every time you do so, you are already seeing with and through the “vision of Christ.”

 Are you willing to look beyond physical realm limitations, seeing the Spark of Divinity in all faces, all places, in all situations?  Moving beyond the physical world is all about your sentiments. The main elements are your mindset and, most significantly, your willingness to follow God’s word, the bible. The first step is to learn to quit speaking doubt and unbelief into your life. The awakening and liberation of the spirit, the divine essence, which is dormant in matter and unaware of its own existence, is the only worthwhile aim of existence.

 Allow the Divine within you to connect more fully with Divine Source Energy. Being a human and striving to remain optimistic all the time can be quite challenging at times. The simple fact that many of us have lost touch with the bigger, loving energy that resides inside and unites all of us is the source of so much of our misery in this world.


Allow your core essence to shine through the shadow of darkness, illuminating the path before you. Our Shadow, the apparent inner darkness, must be accepted and fully “excavated.”

Amanda Cooper

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