Angel Message Of The Day : Emerge In Wholeness



Do you seek the wisdom of the ages or perhaps the wisdom you seek is discernment, aligning yourself with Divine Source and that of Universal Knowledge. 


How shall you go about seeking this wisdom, the wisdom of discernment? 


Sit in the silence, sing songs of praise and gratitude, give unconditionally to you.  


Perhaps you prefer to write; express yourself in ways which resonate within. 

Discernment creates a sense of knowing within, a knowing that all is well, all is occurring in Divine Time in accordance with the Divine Plan for your life. 


We do not say all is pre-destined for there are as many choices as there are birds, bees and butterflies. 


Winged creatures take flight easily and effortlessly … so can you. 


Take flight beloved one for there are many choices all gently guiding your footsteps along the path before you. 

Take heed; listen to the still small voice within, for it is the Divine Spark of Divinity within, speaking your truth of love and light. 


Create the life you desire. Transmute negative energy within you. 


Emerge in wholeness. Discernment provides choice. 


Discernment provides the wisdom to know that which is for your highest and best good. Insight is knowing, knowing all is as it is to be.


Insight is knowing your truth. 


Insight is knowing what has come before may no longer resonate within you. 


Insight is trusting all is well today.

Amanda Cooper

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