Angel Message Of The Day : Emotional Balance

Angel of the East 


Seek balance within. When you are in a place where you feel like everything is lost, you have to remember to find the balance in your life. Continue to learn more about yourself, learn more about what you need to do to carry on with life. Remember that you will find the ultimate balance that you are looking for, it will come to you, too.    


Seek balance in physical manifestation. Seek balance in expressing all you feel, all you experience. Seek balance in your thoughts, expressing yourself with loving kindness. You have to remember that you have to reflect on your life, so that you will be able to find the middle ground. Continue to learn more about yourself and what you should prioritize on, so that you will be able to seek the balance you have to focus on.


Seek balance in all things, in all ways. Acknowledge what you feel, sense, hear, and what you see. Remember to trust what your gut says, you have to focus on what you are feeling. Really listen to what your heart and soul says, so that you will learn to listen to yourself better. You have to take account of what you feel, too. So that you will also be able to take care of yourself, at all times. Remember that it is important to also take care of yourself.


You do not need to express that which is negative, beloved child. Acknowledge what you are feeling, and express your emotions in as positive a manner as possible. You have to not let the negativity win, do not let them creep up your mind and soul. You have to let go of these emotions and feelings, so that you can convert it to a much more mature feeling. You have the power to choose on how you will be acting towards these emotions that will not serve you well. Choose to be the better person, and always choose to be the mature one.


Call upon my brethren and me; we shall assist you in all ways in the moment of the asking. We caution you in repressing all within your body, mind, and heart. We caution you in allowing your thoughts, your emotions to overtake your truth. You have to know that we are reminding you to focus on yourself better. You have to remember that you have to listen to yourself first and foremost. This is the way so that you can understand yourself better and know what to do next. 


For in truth you are love and light. The truth is, you have always carried the light and love within your soul. At this very moment, let them radiate, so that you will be able to only spread the good things within you. Let there be light in your heart and soul. Focus on the greatness of your heart, so that you will be only 


We gently remind thee there is only fear or love; there is only darkness or light. Look to the Light of Divine Source. Be willing to step into the light away from the shadows of what has come before. Go forth and focus not on the darkness, you have to look into the bright side of the world, and focus on the goodness you have within yourself. Remind yourself that you should not cater to the darkness of life, rather, focus on the happy thoughts. You have all the power to choose where you will side, and in this case, you have to focus on the light.


Be willing to shed the old, accepting all is before you. Seek balance within, balance shall manifest all around you. Manifest only the greatness in the world, so that it will be given back to you. Shed the bad memories and thoughts that may have crept up to you before. Then, give in and accept all of the good things that came and is yet to come. You are more than blessed everyday, and you will be further once you have set your priorities straight. Give in to the light, accept that you are more than capable of spreading love and light not only to yourself, but to others too. Fall in love with life, and only manifest the good things.

Amanda Cooper

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