Angel Message Of The Day : Essence Of Serenity

Angel of Serenity, 


When you’re at your most relaxed, you don’t necessarily feel like you’re breathing—you just are. You’re there in the moment and the space between breaths is the calm that follows when you’ve let everything go. The essence of serenity is the space between breaths. The space between breaths is where you can let go of all that attempts to hold you from your good. It’s where you can take a deep breath and breathe out all those things that distract you from what you want to do with your life, who you are meant to be, and how this all fits together.


The essence of serenity is the shudder of releasing all that attempts to hold you from your good. The essence of serenity is the shudder of releasing all that attempts to hold you from your good. It’s when you realize how much power we have over our own lives and how much impact we can make with only the very best of ourselves at hand. 

The essence of serenity is a smile you gift another. The essence of serenity is forgiving yourself for accepting even for a moment, the perception of having failed. You are not your mistakes—you are magnificent. Serenity does not mean being calm, cool, collected and indifferent to what is going on around you. It entails living in the present and viewing each situation as an opportunity to learn. It entails accepting mistakes and wrongdoing with love and empathy because they are a part of the person you are right now and the human pilgrimage in which we are all traveling. As we learn from our mistakes and gradually develop ourselves, they increasingly become opportunities. You’ll be more sympathetic to the people around you if you can find inner peace. Additionally, it will help you comprehend both your own struggles and those of others.


The essence of serenity is seeing a rainbow grace the sky, or a full moon casting its brilliant light upon the ground. Perhaps it’s the moment you find yourself in nature and your mind is quiet, focused on the world around you. Perhaps it’s being in silence with your friends, sharing a common experience and learning from each other. 


Sharing the silence with like-minded people is the true essence of serenity. The key to tranquility is to let everything go and concentrate only on the candle’s flame. Look for those who share your perspective and hang out with them for as long as you can. They will show you how to let go and advance gracefully and easily as opposed to fighting against all odds simply because things aren’t going as planned.

The essence of serenity is simply being in a state of grace knowing all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time. This is the state of mind that allows you to recognize and accept the fact that every moment is exactly where it needs to be for you to receive what it has brought you. You may feel at times like things are out of your control, but this does not mean they are outside of your ability to affect change. It simply means that there is something about the current moment that requires more attention than usual so you can move forward in your life with more ease and grace.


The essence of serenity is knowing all is well with you this moment and all the moments before you.  All your life, you have been searching for a state of being that is eternal, unchanging, and complete. You have looked to other people to tell you if they are happy or sad. You have looked at the world around you to determine whether it is good or bad. But none of these things can tell you if you are happy or sad—they only tell you how people feel about their emotions. 


Allow grace and harmony to give you the essence of serenity on this day by opening yourself up to everything that is in front of you. This is a day of celebration, a time to rejoice in the joy of your life and in the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Allow this day to be one of peace and tranquility for you, for you are loved beyond your knowing. The flowers will bloom and grow; the birds will chirp their songs; the animals will meow or bark. All is well beloved one, for you are loved beyond your knowing.

Amanda Cooper

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