Angel Message Of The Day : Eternal Radiance

Angel of Radiance


The light of Divine Source shines forth from within you and through you, radiating outward like a beacon of light. When you choose to reach within the depths of your soul, you will find that all along, there is a light that surrounds your being. All hope, love, compassion, and goodness all makeup who you are today. You will always bring the light that has been given freely to you by the Divine Source. Let the light radiate through you, and make yourself the beacon of light. This will not only serve you its purpose but will give light to others in need, too. See the light radiate from the Divine Source, and let it shine. For you are made of light, you have always been full of this happiness and hope that makes up the most important factors in people’s lives.


You are a beacon of light for your Self and for all others who care to see the Light of the Divine. Even when it may not seem like it, you are a light for yourself and others. This means you not only have a great effect on your life with everything that you do, but you also affect the lives of others surrounding you. The fact that you bring so much light to everyone else’s lives is a testament to how much you affect others. Hence, you should choose to affect others in the most positive way. This means utilizing the blessing that has been given to you in the best way. 


How are you going to spread light and love to others? It is best if you can truly know more about yourself and be aware of your capabilities. How much do you affect others, and what behaviors will lead to bringing joy and positivity to others? Regardless of what you ought to do, you have to remember to give back to everyone else. Spread love and light wherever you go so that you can share this ultimate blessing that has been nurturing your heart and soul. You have always been blessed with love and hope, and it is just right that you will be giving back the same to other people, too. Continue to nurture the positive aspects of yourself so that you will prosper. The knowledge of what you are capable of and being aware of what is within you should let you flourish in this life. 


Close your eyes. When you truly try to connect with your inner self and try not to let the facade of appearances fool you, you will see this divine connection. Do you not see the light radiating from Divine Source? How, then, can you not see the Divine Source radiating from your physical being? You have to acknowledge that you are full of light; you have always been. There is a light within you that is waiting to connect with you. You just have to seek it out and not let it fade. Instead, you have the ultimate power to nurture this light. The positive nature that is innate in you will surely be grown as long as you take care of it well. That means providing an environment for yourself where you will thrive and grow as the person you aspire to be. You have to remember that you have the power to utilize the blessing that has been given to you. The light and love is within you wherever you will go.


You are a beloved child filled with Light and Love beyond measure. The Spirit, the Soul, know beyond words, the Light of the Divine is beyond measure, for the Light is eternally radiant. You will never go wrong with the love and light which has always been meant for you. Continue with your journey while radiating the light that is within you. There is no darkness, and there is only light. You no longer have to be afraid of what comes next; the darkness that the world provides will be no match to the light you carry. Release all of the darkness in your heart and soul. Replace it with the light that will radiate towards yourself and to others. The Light of Eternal Radiance shines forth from within you.

Amanda Cooper

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