Angel Message Of The Day : Faith Is…

Angel of Faith, 


Faith is the belief in the unknown. Faith is a choice—to believe that there is something else out there, and to keep on believing it until you can prove it to yourself. Faith is the belief in the unseen. It’s choosing to believe that there are more things in heaven and earth than you can see with your eyes; it’s choosing not to give up on something even when it doesn’t make sense at first glance. Faith is the belief in the un-proven. When you have faith, you’re not just accepting what other people tell you about how things work; you’re trusting yourself. 


Faith is a sense of knowing what is for our own highest and best good. Faith is knowing which fork in the road to take. No matter what kind of faith you have, it can be hard at times because there will always be temptations to doubt your own convictions and beliefs. But remember: Faith isn’t just about knowing what is true; it’s also about acting on that truth when things get hard.There will always be a way out of anything if you believe in yourself enough and trust your intuition enough—and also if you’re willing to keep fighting for what matters most in life.


That is what faith is: a cloak of trust in the power within and the power of my brothers and sisters. It’s letting go of the fear of lack—the fear that tells us we can’t do anything right because we don’t have enough faith, strength, or courage—and telling ourselves that even if we don’t succeed today, tomorrow will be better for it. And when we let go of our fears, we gain a lot of things: confidence, courage, strength, and joy—all of which make us happy and restore our lives.


Faith is letting go of the fear of being alone, lonely, or not finding or being with someone who loves you unconditionally. Faith is the surrender of disease in the body, mind, heart, and Spirit. Faith is also about believing in yourself because there is no other way to put it: you are unique and wonderful. You are capable of and deserve great things! You deserve happiness and fulfillment just as much as anyone else, and if they don’t see or hear it from others, they won’t believe it themselves. So, let us work together to make the world a better place by using our abilities for good.


Faith is trusting that which you know to be your truth. It allows you to see what needs to be seen when other people are blind or asleep. Faith is having strength and courage to do what must be done in the light of day—to do what others won’t do because they’re too scared or too confused. Faith isn’t something we earn; it’s something we find within ourselves, hidden away like a treasure in a cave, waiting for us to dig it up and shine its light on everything around us. 


Faith is knowing when to stay the course and when to go beyond everything you’ve ever known, knowing there will be something to step on or wings to fly. In times of great pain or indecision, faith is knowing that you are Divinely protected. The first step is to have the confidence to believe in yourself, your truth, and the world around you. The next step is to have the courage to fight for what you believe in, no matter what. The third step is to trust what you know to be your truth, even when it doesn’t seem logical, rational, obvious, or easy.


Faith is knowing all is well. Faith is believing in something despite what everyone else says—or even because of what everyone else says. Because when we have faith, we don’t have to worry about what other people think; we can just do what needs doing and believe that everything will work out as it should. Faith is trusting your inner guidance and acting upon it. Faith doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for things to happen—it means being proactive and taking action toward making your dreams come true.

Amanda Cooper

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