Angel Message Of The Day : Fear Not

Archangel Michael, 


Fear not beloved child for all is well with you this day. Fear not that which is before you. You are a truly remarkable person and have so much to offer the world. You are a beacon of light in a sea of darkness, and I know that you will not allow yourself to be distracted or deterred by any negativity that may come your way. You are too wise and powerful for that.


I know that everything will be fine, because it is meant to be. You have a mission here on earth, which is why I am here with you—to remind you of what really matters most (and what does not). It is to help set you free from the chains of fear and doubt that plague us all so often, but never more than when faced with uncertainty or change. Even though these things seem overwhelming at times, they are not insurmountable challenges; they are merely opportunities to grow stronger in spirit by learning how to trust yourself again, even if it means taking risks or making mistakes along the way.


You may feel confused and lost, but I know what it’s like to feel lost. You are in a dark place right now, a place of uncertainty and questioning. But I can assure you that it is temporary. The answers will come—they always do—and when they do, they will be easy. I know that the answers aren’t easy right now because they are buried deep within your subconscious mind and have taken root there over time. When these answers surface, they won’t be simple or easily found; instead, they’ll be challenging and difficult to understand at first glance. But trust me: if there’s one thing I know about life and the human condition, it’s that we face challenges most days like this one in order to grow stronger as individuals and as members of society.


Fear not that which appears to distract you from your life’s purpose. Fear not that which is unseen. If all else fails, remember that it is only the enemy who would lead you astray from the path of what is true, good and beautiful. Fear not the devil, for he has been bound for a thousand years by the power of Christ’s love for us. Fear not God’s judgment or eternal hellfire, for these things await only those who refuse to live in accordance with their own nature as created beings made in God’s image.


Do not be afraid! In fact, I am here to tell you that there is no room for fear in my presence! In fact, nothing can keep me from being calm and confident as I walk alongside you on this journey called life. I am here because I choose to walk beside you and bring abundance into your life while challenging you to think beyond your current circumstances beyond what seems possible right now on this earth plane in this time period known as now. So let us move forward together in faith knowing that our Creator has brought us together at this very moment in time when we are both ready for change and growth beyond anything we could possibly imagine or hope for.


Fear not that which is seen. Fear not the dark night of the Soul for you shall step once again into the light of the dawn.  Believe; trust all is as it is to be now this moment. You shall emerge stronger, more light filled than you can imagine. For faith is a gift; a gift from above that comes in the form of a dream or a vision, but it is not what we see with our eyes. It is what we feel deep within our hearts and souls, that something greater than us has come to help us in times of need and adversity—even when we cannot see it clearly ourselves.


I know this because I have been there, in that place where all seems lost and hopeless. I am no stranger to darkness and despair—far from it! Yet still today I walk with courage as though I were walking through sunlight after a long night in shadowed lands where only death awaits if you do not find your way out again quickly enough before nightfall comes again fully upon you—and then…


Fear not that which is seen; fear not the dark night of your Soul for there will come another dawning day and another chance at life anew after all. Step into the light for all is made whole in the Light of Divine Source this day and the days before you. Go in peace.

Amanda Cooper

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