Angel Message Of The Day : Flame Of Transformation



Look to the Heavens for inspiration in all things no matter the size, the importance, the complexity. 


Look to the Heavens, for the Heavens symbolize the power within you to rise above, flow in and around that which is before you this moment. 


All challenges present you with an opportunity to accept the Flame of Transformation being gifted to you. 


All challenges present you with an opportunity to rise above, much as smoke rises above the fire. 


If at times you feel the need to rest a moment as you journey along the path before you, breathe in light and unconditional love given for the asking by Source.   

Gift yourself with rest, taking a few moments to look at you, observing where you have been, where you are and where you desire to be. 


Acknowledge all that has come before. 


Give thanks for lessons learned, people, places and things encountered along the way. Accept you in all your glory for you are a child of the cosmos, Divine Source within all living things. 


Ignite the spark within you, rise above, look to the Heavens, look within for all things are possible in the light.

Amanda Cooper

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