Angel Message Of The Day : Flames Of Divinity

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth 


The flame burns brightly within you, casting out doubt, casting out shadow. 


The Spark of Divinity resides within your core essence. 


The Spark of Divinity shines forth illuminating all before you. 


There are many paths before you. 


Choose that which is for you highest and best good. 


Choose that which brings peace and harmony, joy, abundance and prosperity, kindness and compassion for you and those around you. 


Release that which is before you. 


Open your heart, your mind, your Soul. 


Release that which is before you knowing all is healed in the moment of the asking. 


Having asked for healing, step out of your own way; allowing grace to infill you with peaceful contentment. 


In the moment of the releasing, the Light of Divine Source shall infill you with loving kindness, compassion. 


Step into the light beloved child releasing seeds from days gone by. 


Be willing to plant new seeds of faith, trust, love and light in your own inner garden. Tend your garden well, for all blossoms in the light, warmed by the flame of illumination.

Amanda Cooper

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