Angel Message Of The Day : Floating In The Sea Of Divine Love

Guardian Angel of the South


Imagine a lake or the ocean. Close your eyes and see beautiful blues or greens, the most beautiful colors you can imagine. When you put your imagination to the test and imagine the most beautiful set of colors you could imagine, you will feel how enticing it is to go to. It must feel the most alluring that you would feel that you would want to try to go there as much as you want to. It will not only offer attractive sights, but the peace and serenity you have been seeking, too.


The intensity of the color is beyond anything you have ever seen. You are perfectly safe, yes, even if this is the very first time your physical body has been in a lake or the ocean. There is a certain kind of peace and tranquility that you will feel when you are in this kind of beauty. Know that you are safe from any harm when you are in the sea. Furthermore, it will only lead you to the good things you have been seeking for. 


Imagine you are floating in a beautiful lake or the ocean. How does it feel to know, absolutely know, you are supported in every way? When you are floating in the sea of divine love, you will feel the safest and most secure. It may feel as if nothing will ever go wrong and no one will inflict hurt on you. You will no longer have to stand on your own, and you will feel as if every support is given to you so that you will flourish. The aid it will bring you is superb and will do you good. Not only will you feel like you are helped in every way at the same time, but you will also be able to reach what you most desire. 


The water is very gently caressing your physical body. Perhaps you feel as though all your cares or worries are washed away by the gentle motion of the water as you gently float in complete surrender. When you feel that you are being taken care of by the sea, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and no longer bound to the negativity you have been trying to stay away from. The gentle waves will let you float on and carry on with your journey ahead. At the same time, it will wash away all of what you should no longer keep with you. The negativity will not do you any good, and you should release all of it as soon as possible. On the other hand, all of the good things will remain, and these will let you grow to be a better version of yourself. 


What would it feel like to have all your earthly desires fulfilled? What would it feel like to have all your emotional, physical, and spiritual desires fulfilled? When you are in the sea that is meant to radiate love, everything will feel like your desires will be within reach, and it is. Everything will be given to you, and you will be fully taken care of. There is nothing but love, and it is the root of all compassion, hope, and everything else good in this world. Carry on with what you truly most desire, and you will surely be blessed as it is what you deserve and more.


There is only peace and harmony in the Sea of Divine Love. There is only light in the Sea of Divine Love. There is only healing in the Sea of Divine Love. There is only love in the Sea of Divine Love. When there is peace and harmony, you will feel the most in tune with yourself. You will feel like you are in the safest place, and you will no longer doubt. When there is light, you will feel hope that you will obtain what you truly want in this world. When there is healing, you will be able to move forward from the past which caused you great hurt. When there is love, you will be given the ultimate power where you will feel the safest and warmest. The Lord Creator, Divine Source Energy is all there is.

Amanda Cooper

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