Angel Message Of The Day : Freedom & Grace

Archangel Zadkiel 


This moment is filled with grace. This moment is filled with freedom. 


Freedom to choose as grace guides your footsteps along the path before you. 


Can you not breathe as deeply, loudly, or as softly as you desire? Can you not focus your energy in whichever way pleases you? Can you not choose to love or hate? 


How then can you say, feel or think you do not have freedom to choose? 


If you believe there is no freedom, so be it, it shall be your truth. 


If you believe there is freedom to choose, to be, to do, to manifest all your heart’s desires, so be it, it shall be your truth. 


All is granted to you in the moment of asking. Ask and it shall be granted. 


Do you desire healing? Ask it and healing shall be given. 


Believe, for it is already so in the Realm of Spirit. 


Ask for health to be restored, beginning with your inner core essence. 


Ask for health to be restored in your cells, blood, heart, mind, Soul, in all your energy bodies


Be willing to accept gifts given to you.


For in truth there is only love, health, abundance, light, faith, joy, peace, wisdom, discernment, harmony and serenity. 


All else is physical realm perception. 


How shall you choose this day? 


Go in peace for you are loved and cared for beyond measure.

Amanda Cooper

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