Angel Message Of The Day : Freedom Of Expression

Angel of Creativity 


Know there is nothing you need to do, to be, or to have that would then complete you, for you are whole, complete, and perfect now this moment and all moments before you. How do you choose to see you? Do you choose to see that which has yet to be made manifest in physical form? 


Do you choose to express yourself with loving compassion? 


Do you choose to create your heart’s desires? 


How do you choose to create your heart’s desires? 


Light a candle; or perhaps write your heart’s desires upon paper, the telling of a different, positive, loving and abundant story. 


Bring life to that which you desire most … perhaps a love relationship, financial freedom … freedom from that which has come before, a new job or career. 


It matters not what you choose to create for yourself. 


In choosing there is freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to create all your heart’s desires.


For in the choosing, your Spirit soars above Earthly limitations of time and space. 


Give thanks for all that has come before this moment for it has brought you to where you are. 


Give thanks for the many blessings about you. 


Have faith all is in Divine Order this moment, occurring in Divine Time. 


In the realm of Spirit all is made manifest before you in love and light


How shall you choose to express yourself this day?

Amanda Cooper

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