Angel Message Of The Day : Gift Your Self

Archangel Raguel, 


You are the balance in life. You have the ability to bring harmony and balance to everything you do. You are a gift to yourself, and today is a gift to you. Allow this day to be one of calmness, peace, and gratitude. Allow yourself to pause today and take a moment to appreciate all that is happening around you. When you give yourself the gift of gratitude, it creates space for more positivity and joy. This week is an important time to focus on self-care as you seek ways to enjoy your body and mind even more than usual. If there are things in your life that make it difficult for you—like work stress or relationship issues—try finding ways to work through them before they become too stressful or overwhelming. You deserve this day of pampering, so give it to yourself. As always, I’m here for any questions or concerns about anything else going on in your life—just reach out anytime.


No matter what path you choose, we wish you the best in your endeavors today. May you find the harmony and balance that will help you reach your goals today and every day. May you know that all is well with you, even if it doesn’t seem so at times. Gift yourself with belief, faith, trusting all is truly well with you this day. 


You are loved beyond measure. When you ask for something, you don’t necessarily know what it is that you want, but when your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking, it’s because you have asked for exactly what was needed—and more than that.


The Universe hears your prayers and responds to them, even if we can’t always see the answer at first. Sometimes we need to look within ourselves to find the answers. We each have our own unique gifts, special talents and strengths and weaknesses. We each have our own unique purpose in this world.


Your calling is not a specific job or position; it’s who you are and what makes you unique in this world. Your calling is not something that can be found outside of yourself; it’s inside of you already waiting to be realized by your actions and decisions every day. It’s an essential part of who you are as a person on this earth—and it doesn’t matter where or when or how any of these things happen for us individually.


When you are in the moment of your seeking, you are guided by the Divine Order.  You know that everything is unfolding as it should, and that nothing will be withheld from you by chance or accident. You can rely on this knowledge now, and it will continue to guide you through all of your future endeavors. Be assured that your life is unfolding exactly as it should be.  All is well with you and with the world at this time.  You are beloved, and the universe is working to bring you into alignment with your true purpose and calling while also protecting you from those who would try to hurt or harm you in any way possible. I understand what it means to be human, how difficult it can sometimes seem, but how much easier it could be if we were more willing to look at ourselves closely enough.


Today is a day of balance. You are at the beginning of your journey, and you have been given a choice to make. There is no right or wrong answer—just the path that will lead you to the answers you seek. You are being asked to make an important decision today: will you allow yourself to be pulled into negativity, or will you take time to listen to your intuition and follow your heart? The choice is yours, but know this: all things are already made manifest before you. All is being made manifest before you; it is already so in the Realm of Spirit. Travel the path before you this day in harmony. Let go of any preconceptions about what life should look like for you, and instead focus on what it could be for yourself—it’s up to you. It is your duty to follow this path and do so in harmony with everything around you.

Amanda Cooper

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