Angel Message Of The Day : Go Within

February 1: Go Within




Seek the answer to all within you. When you are looking for the answers, you must always first look within yourself. You are the answer to all of your questions about what you desire the most in this life. You know yourself better than everyone else, and you are given a chance to truly seek your desires. By knowing yourself better, you will understand yourself more as a person who will help you realize what you truly want. It is with utmost importance that you know yourself fully so that you can focus on your goals, aspirations, and dreams that you hold.


Seek the answer to all, knowing the answer is made manifest simply for the asking. In asking, all is made known to you. In the asking, all is given to you. In the asking, all is prepared for you. You have been given a chance to manifest your true desires in this world and beyond. You must learn how to manifest it, and it is simply done by asking for what you desire the most and declaring it into the Universe. Your assertion on getting what you want and your confidence and faith in acquiring what you desire will help you ultimately to get it.

There is nothing that cannot be transformed. A silken worm spins a cocoon going within, merging the old with the new, renewing itself in the process. In much the same way, going within, seeking answers to that which faces you this moment, you transmute the old, merging the new, renewing your Inner Spirit and those around you. You have been given a chance to renew yourself. Truly focus on understanding yourself better so that you will realize what it is that you desire the most in this life. The awareness and acknowledgment of how you are as a person and what you need and want the most will be more clear to you if you will look within yourself.


You need only ask for my assistance, light an orange candle. Call my name. Speak from the heart. Know I am instantly by your side. Know you are enfolded in unconditional love. You can rest easy knowing that you will be guided along your journey and that you are never alone. Listen to what your heart truly says and speak from it. You should speak of what you seek the most with clarity in your heart and soul. You have always been enfolded with love and light. It is within you, always.

Feel your heart release all that is not of love. Release any perceived shadow. Release all that is not of light. Know that I hear your every whisper. Know that the way is made clear. There are times when you may get distracted by the physical realm. It is in terms of the material things or the emotions that you may be feeling that will do you no good. You should release all of it at once, and you must let them go. Release all that is negative and not worth your time so that you can make space for both love and light instead.


Beloved Child of Divine Source, what is it you seek? Can you not see that it is already as is? You must focus on what you are going through at this moment instead of dwelling on what happened before or what is to come. Focus on the present and what is in front of you. Give time to process what you are going through, and enjoy the current journey. You must focus on what it is that you truly seek the most and reach out within yourself to know yourself better. All of what you are going through is part of a grand plan for you, and you must take it a day at a time.


You must create a great connection with yourself so that you can create a great understanding of your true desires. With true understanding comes the manifestation of these wishes. At the same time, it is vital that you believe in the process that you are going through and put all your faith that all will be well. Go within; believe all is well. Believe all is well.

Amanda Cooper

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