Angel Message Of The Day : Grace Within



Take comfort for that which is before you is in Divine Order, occurring with Divine Timing. It may at first appear as though that which faces you is a test, a hurdle to overcome.  In life, you will be faced with distractions and hurdles that may seem too hard to reach and overcome. You are being challenged every day, and there are times when it feels like you are stuck in a slump with nowhere to go. When life gets overwhelming, it is natural that you will be asking yourself if you are on the right path on your journey. There are doubts and fears that may loom in your thoughts and will mess up your emotions at times. Do not let them hinder your journey, instead, you must focus on the Divine Order


Call upon me to soften your thoughts. Open your heart, allowing the gift of grace to flow within, radiating outward creating a sense of peace and harmony. Let yourself go so that you will be more in tune with what your heart says. When you have peace and harmony within yourself, you are able to think soundly and create decisions that will benefit you better. You must learn to accept the situations and let go of the things that you can no longer control. Create a sense of peace and harmony within yourself so that you will no longer be scared of what comes next. You may soften your thoughts, and let yourself go. 

The ego voice encourages thoughts based on fear, lack of time, lack of money, lack of love, fear of being alone, and fear of not having enough. If you are full of fears and doubts, there will be no space for love and light in your heart. When there is a lack of time, you are no longer able to enjoy your endeavors. When there is a lack of love, you feel underappreciated. You should not let fear hinder your journey in life. Instead, you can encourage yourself to focus on love and light. We remind you gently there is only love and light, all else need not concern you. When you put your focus on the things that matter, you are able to give yourself peace and tranquility. There are things that you are not able to control, and you must accept this truth in order to be free of your fears. 


You may find yourself in a place where you do not want to be.  There are times when the worst situation suddenly comes into your life unexpectedly. Even if you are not ready, you will find yourself in situations that you do not anticipate. Regardless, you must keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. At the same time, it is in your power how will you view your current standing. Do you truly desire to reside in harmony, peacefulness, abundance, prosperity, loving compassion, in a state of grace? Change how you see people, places, and things, and what you see will change. When you change your perspective and try to see everything in a different light, you will understand yourself better and you will understand your situation better.


Change your thoughts and what you think about changes. Change how you feel in this moment and this moment changes. Changing one thought, one emotion, and one action transforms everything within and all that surrounds you. Perspectives on different things will let you see your situation in a different light. You must try to change your stance such as your thoughts and feelings so that you can realize the brighter side of each prospect. From then on, you are able to realize and appreciate what is behind you all this time. Continue to move forward and no longer think of what should be. Instead, make the most out of your current situation while focusing on the blessings and love and light in your life.

There is much to be thankful for now. Start where you are, lovingly placing one foot in front of the other along the path before you.  When you focus on the things that you should be grateful for, you will feel more empowered and you will appreciate all the blessings that have come your way. There will be more chances of seeing things in a different light and changing your thoughts into something that will bear fruit for you. Choose to see through the eyes of love and light so that you will further prosper in life. 


See through the eyes of love and light, all shall be made manifest before you. When you focus on the love and light that you have for the world around you, you will feel more blessed each day. You must release all of the things that spark negativity within your soul. Breathe in the light wherever you must go. Then, learn to exhale shadow and darkness as you do so. So that you will be making space with love and light. Release all the shadows and darkness all at once, and focus on letting the light in your life. Let yourself go, and no longer be imprisoned by the fears and doubts in your mind. You must trust that all is in Divine Order on its very own Divine Timing. 


Allow love and light to illuminate all before you, releasing shadow and fear to the light. Offer no resistance, all shall flow around you with grace and ease. Seek peace, harmony, and joy, so that you will be more at ease with yourself and your situation. You have the ultimate choice to seek love and light instead of focusing on the darkness and fear that you are in. When you offer no resistance, all will be flowing well for you. Fill your cup with love and light instead. Let yourself go, and then you will be the most free. Gracefully allowing all to do, be, or have that which they choose for themselves. Gracefully allow you the choice to be, do, or have that which you desire. Gifts of love, harmony, and peace are gifts of grace.

Amanda Cooper

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