Angel Message Of The Day : Harmony & Inner Peace



Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re in control of your life. It’s not that you don’t want to be, it’s just that the little things—like being able to go to sleep at night without having a million things on your mind, or being able to have a conversation with someone without feeling like they’re judging every single thing you say—can add up and make your life seem a lot more complicated than it actually is.


It’s almost like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around other people, trying not to offend them or upset them in any way. And even if you do manage not to offend them, there’s always this voice in the back of your head telling you how bad it would be if they did get offended by what you said or did. So even if everyone around you seems like they’re cool with what you’re doing, deep down inside there’s still this anxiety about how things might turn out if everything goes wrong


Inner peace is a state of bliss. A state of grace can be found in the space between breaths, in between thoughts. A state of grace begins with a slow, deep breath. Take a moment, close your eyes, focus all your senses as you inhale slowly. Feel your lungs expand as you inhale deeply. When we breathe deeply, we connect with our body and with our mind. We become aware of the many things that are happening around us at any given moment: the sounds, scents, and feelings that surround us—and they are all part of our being. This awareness helps us to slow down and feel more present in our lives. 


You might feel like your body is completely relaxed as you let go of all tension and stress from the day, or maybe it feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It’s whatever emotion you feel, but there’s something about this simple act that allows you to be at peace with yourself and what’s happening around you.


Feel your body, your entire being relax releasing tension and stress as you exhale slowly. Focus your conscious mind as you inhale and exhale releasing thoughts and emotions with a sense of peacefulness. As the sun sets, the wind turns gentle, and the sky grows dark: it’s time to go inside and shut the door.


I know what you mean—you’re so tired from trying to keep up with all of your responsibilities that you can’t even stand being outside anymore. You’re just too tired to do anything but go home and collapse into bed. But here’s the thing: if you don’t get some rest, all of those responsibilities are going to start piling up on top of each other until they become a giant mountain that’s impossible to climb. You’ll be exhausted, unable to focus or concentrate, and frustrated by how much work there is left to do. So let’s talk about how we can help you relax tonight so that tomorrow morning finds us both ready for whatever comes our way—and ready for it with clear minds.


As you experience inner peace, harmony radiates from within, projecting outward into all you do, think, say, and feel. As you experience inner peace your thoughts become positive and loving intent flows from within you into all that you do. Your words are filled with love for others and for yourself. You naturally assume a loving stance towards everyone around you creating a peaceful environment that is conducive to learning new things without fear or worry. You are the embodiment of this harmony in every moment—every word you speak, every thought you have, and every action that comes from those thoughts and words. And so it is with this understanding that we must turn our attention inward: to the places in your life where peace has not yet arrived. The places where suffering still reigns supreme.


Today is a special day. You have been working hard to achieve inner peace and harmony, but it is not easy. The more you work on your inner peace, the easier it gets. But there are still times when you feel upset or angry. This is normal, and it’s okay to feel this way. It does not mean that you are not peaceful inside—it just means that for now, you might need to focus more on being peaceful than being happy. That’s okay – there will come a time when you will be able to focus on being happy again! But until then, do what works for you in terms of finding ways to be happy without feeling angry or upset. Where there is inner peace, there is harmony. Where there is harmony, there is inner peace. Gift you this day with peacefulness.

Amanda Cooper

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