Angel Message Of The Day : Harmony Within

Archangel Raphael 


Harmony is a state of mind, emotion. 


Harmonious thoughts create a harmonious state of mind, healing body, mind, Soul, and Spirit. 


Harmony is a sense of balance in all things, all thoughts, in all emotions. 


Harmony is a sense of peacefulness radiating from within your core essence. 


Your core essence is untouched by humankind. 


Think back for a moment; think back to a time when you felt peaceful, your entire being releasing all that no longer served your highest and best good. 


Step into the light before you with love in your heart, mind, in all your energy bodies. 

Close your eyes but for a moment, for a moment is all that is needed to transport you to that space and time where you were at total peace with all around you. 


In truth, that sense of peacefulness is always with you. 


In truth you are always in a state of harmonious bliss. 


Filter out that which attempts to distract you from your true self. 


Know all is well, all is healed. 


Seek harmony within. 


Harmony shall accompany you all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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