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Your thoughts are your life. You are molding yourself when your thoughts are the starting line of your life. The mind is a powerful tool and we should use it wisely. The more you think about something, the more your brain will focus on it and make it real. That is why you should be careful about what you think. We should always be aware of what we are thinking because it can be used for good or bad purposes, but more than anything else, it could be used for our benefit. A draft that makes you a guideline on how you may improve. You can be anything you want to be, but it all starts with a thought in your head. If you’re having trouble finding the motivation to push on and keep going, take a step back and think about what’s keeping you from reaching your goals.


Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.  You are what you think about all day long. The things that are on your mind are going to be in your life. It’s all about what is happening in your mind and what is happening in the universe around you. What do you think about it? How do you feel? What kind of energy do you put out into the world? Are those things good or bad? Whatever you put energy into, grows. If you put energy into happiness, joy, and love, that’s what grows.


That which you think about becomes your reality. Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts. You can choose to think about what you want and focus on how to get it. You can focus on what you’re grateful for, and how your life is already so great. You can even choose to believe that everything happens for a reason. That the universe is conspiring in our favor and that there’s no such thing as coincidence or bad luck.  It’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you react to it. Your thoughts and feelings will determine the quality of your life. Your mind is a powerful tool, and what you think about becomes your reality. Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts. 

  Your thoughts create emotions; Your thoughts and emotions create actions.  When you take action, you are making an impact on your life. You’re doing something to change things for the better, or worse. Your thoughts and emotions drive your actions. Your feelings tell you what to do next, and so often those feelings are based on the thoughts you have about a situation or person. Either way, your actions have consequences for how you feel about yourself, for how others see you, and for how much control over your life you feel like you have. If you have negative thoughts, that’s going to manifest as a negative emotional response. And if you have a negative emotional response, that’s going to lead to a negative action. When you change your actions into positive behavior, then you can change your actions for the good.


Thoughts, emotions, and actions are a reflection of all that has brought you to this moment.  Choose different thoughts.  You are so much more than this moment. You’re a person with a past, who has experienced things that have shaped who you are today. You’ve made choices that have brought you to where you stand right now in your life, which means that all of those experiences—all of those thoughts, all of those emotions, all of those actions—have brought you here. The choices you’ve made. The people who have cared for you, or not cared for you. The things that have challenged you, and the things that have built your strength. The lessons that have taught you how to love yourself, and how to love others in ways that are kind and compassionate.


Thoughts create the world about you. Fill your thoughts with grace, grace shall abide within.  Thoughts are powerful. They can create a new reality for you, or they can reinforce an old one. Thoughts are like seeds that grow into trees of belief and perception, shaping how you interact with the world around you. If you are thinking that you have no power or control over what happens in your life, then remember: you have the power to change your thoughts. We are all creators of our reality and whatever we create we get to experience. If we think of thoughts of abundance and joy, then those things will come into our experience. If we think of thoughts of scarcity and fear, then those things will come into our experience.


Fill your mind and heart with love and light, love and light shall abide within.  When you think about it, every thought, feeling, and emotion that we experience is made up of some form of love or other, even if it’s fear or pain. Love and light are the most important things in the world. When we fill our minds and hearts with love, it pours out into our actions. If you’re feeling alone, try loving yourself more. If you’re struggling to find your sense of self, try shining more brightly. If you want to feel more connected to others, try letting them see how much love is inside of you.

You need not change everything in one moment as this shall not be everlasting.  Choose first one thought and then another, and another.  Pick one thought, and then another, and another. You need not change everything in one moment as this shall not be everlasting. You will make changes in your life, and they will be lasting ones. Each moment is different and requires different parts of our personalities. You are putting too much pressure on yourself for everything to be perfect all the time.


Express gratitude for the many blessings about you at this moment.  As Gratitude creates within you a sense of harmony.  When we are grateful, we feel a sense of appreciation and contentment with what we have in our lives. This sense of contentment can help us to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. As you walk the path of life, you need to be grateful for all the blessings that surround you.  Harmony creates a sense of peacefulness.  When you start your day, organize your thoughts and start with the question “How shall you create Heaven on Earth this day?”

Amanda Cooper

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