Angel Message Of The Day : Honoring Your Inner Voice

Angel of Discernment 


Discernment is a knowing, a knowing in choosing to honor your inner voice. How do you know when to listen to what your inner voice says? Discernment is how you perceive what is in front of you. It is choosing what truly matters most and making that decision for yourself. You have to remember that you know yourself better than anyone else. Hence, all of the decisions that you make should only reflect what your inner desire and inner voice say to you.


A knowing resonates from within. There is no mistaking that which is yours to do. You have always known what you truly want and wish to achieve. It would be best if you remembered that you should connect and resonate with yourself better so that you will truly see what you have been seeking all along. What do you truly desire the most, and what options do you think are best for you? You know yourself better than anyone else; hence you should not question your choices and pick what resonates within you. 


The path before you may appear to be fraught with peril, consequences unforeseen. Discernment is knowing. Speaking one’s truth can be the road less traveled. Even if it does not seem enticing at first and no one is taking the same path as much, do not be afraid to cross it. Speak your truth to the world, what it is that you truly feel. You have to remember that everyone has different paths to take, and you should not be afraid to take that first step, even if it is the less traveled road. Honor what your inner voice truly says to you, and do not let the doubts and fear.


Learning to discern truth from illusion is developing keen insight and loving judgment, pondering the way in which you choose to travel the path before you. This means you have to really look closely into things, and not just the surface of how things are. Remember that when you walk through the journey that you have chosen, you will experience transitions, changes, and new encounters. Look at everything with keen insight and loving judgment, and you must always choose to be the bigger person. 


How does one awaken the gift of discernment? Be willing to open your heart and your mind. Be willing to hear your own inner guidance. The asking is all that is necessary to open you to all that is. Trust that which you receive is Divine Guidance from the Creator. There is a light within you that is full of hope and guidance. You must choose to listen to what you have been feeling and thinking within. Remember that you know yourself best, and you know what decisions will grant you access to the path that you have been seeking.


Become quiet, and release all thoughts. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly as your mind wanders, and gently guide it back to the sweet silence of nothingness. It is essential that you would give importance to making some space where you can be at peace with yourself. When you feel at peace, everything will feel as if all is balanced and in harmony. Make use of peace and clarity so that you can truly listen to what your inner voice says. 


It is in the silence you will hear, and you will feel or sense that which is for your highest and best good, knowing all is in Divine Order. In silence, where you will no longer be distracted by superficial things, you will fully understand what your heart and mind say to you. In silence, you will truly make sense of what you have been seeking. What is the decision that is best for you? You have always known all along; after all, you know yourself best, too.


What is before you at this moment? What choices face you? You have to fully look into these choices and paths you have to take so that you can grasp it all and weigh your options. Look within yourself, and then choose the decision that you will thrive in. Know Angels are by your side in all moments, guiding and protecting all who share the journey.

Amanda Cooper

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