Angel Message Of The Day : Interwoven Connectedness

Archangel Haniel 


Know your true Inner-Essence.  Know your thoughts and your emotions.  All that is made manifest in the physical realm is a reflection of knowing your Inner-Self.  Your Inner-Essence is what lies within you and connects you to the world around you. It is the part of you that never dies and connects you to All That Is.  The more we know about ourselves and how we function in this world, the easier it is to live a happy and fulfilling life. When you know yourself, you also know your interconnectedness with all things.  You are connected to everything and everyone else at a very deep level.  You can feel this connection when you allow yourself to feel it. The first step in connecting with your Inner-Self is to know your true Essence. Know your thoughts, know your emotions. All that is made manifest in the physical realm is a reflection of knowing your Inner-Self.


Your essence is peacefulness, harmony, and joy.  You are a being of light and love, and you have come to this planet to experience life in a physical body. To connect with your Inner-Self, you must be able to sense and feel what is happening within yourself. This can be done by practicing mindfulness. Once you have begun practicing mindfulness, try sitting quietly for fifteen minutes every day and just focus on what you are feeling at that moment. Remember that your intuition is always there for you no matter what and that it’s not just about knowing what action to take, it is the part of you that allows you to be open and receptive to life. Being interconnected means having an awareness of yourself as an integral part of something larger than yourself. 

It is Ego-chitter chatter that creates the illusion of separation.  All things, all places, and all of humankind is connected, interwoven through Divine Source.   Ego chatter also fosters judgment about others and ourselves based on appearances, status, money, or possessions. The antidote for this kind of thinking is mindfulness meditation and the practice of being fully present at the moment without judgment or expectation. You are connected. As you are also interwoven. The world is not separate from you, you are not separate from the world. Love is what binds us together, love is the force that flows through us all. It gives us hope and strength when we think we have none left within ourselves. Love is also the most powerful force known to humankind. It can move mountains if you believe strongly enough in what you want out of life - love will help guide you toward your journey.


Amanda Cooper

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