Angel Message Of The Day : Journey Of Transition

Archangel Ariel


There are many facets of being in the physical realm, appreciating the path along the journey. It is only natural that you will appreciate all that is surrounding you, may it be the beauty of material things, the sceneries you will be in, the people around you and so much more. It may seem enticing, wandering in the physical realm. However, it is also important to note that you should be wary, too. 


Knowing the journey represents the path before you. You have to make sure that you are not straying away from the things that you desire the most. You have to remember that you shall not let yourself stray away from your path. Keeping track of the direction that you are in is a must so that you will achieve your goals in a timely manner. Seek to know the journey you will be taking. 


There are many choices, the appearance of distractions along the way. You will be given lots and lots of options that may seem enticing at first. The distractions that are part of the journey may seem enticing at first. However, you have to remember the path that you are on and the goals that you seek. Remember that you should no longer stray away from this path, instead, remember to focus on your goal. Before you can focus and prioritize your goal, it is a constant seeking of a deeper connection with the Divine Source. You have to realize what you truly wish to obtain and gain on your journey. You have to keep on checking in, and it shall be a goal to fully know yourself. 


Earth Mother and Father Sky are in constant renewal; is it not also possible for you to be in a state of constant renewal? You have to remember that you are a work in progress, and you are constantly changing. Do not be afraid of the transitions that you will be having, it is part of the grand process that you are going through. These are the transitions that are necessary so that you will grow to become a better person. Seek changes so that you will be challenged, and you will gain experience and then, wisdom. Do not be afraid of the constant renewal, as you should know that this is a blessing freely given to you.


Perhaps you have recently experienced a transition unlike any other, a Dark Night of the Soul before the dawning. It may feel as if nothing is going right at this moment, and you may feel like the darkness surrounds you and envelops you. Do not be afraid. Continue to carry on with your journey and walk the path you seek to take. You may ready yourself for the transition that you will be going through. Even if it may seem dire and unexpected, it will be worth the wait. You should know that all transitions may not be an idea at first, but clarity regarding your current position will make sense in the future. Hold on to the idea that everything will fit and go well in due time. 


As Earth Mother strives to renew the cycle of transition, you have the choice of releasing into the light all that has come before this moment. As you have been in the darkness, there is always a light at the end of this tunnel that you are in. Believe that you shall gain the light that you have been seeking. Continue to carry on with the journey, and no longer look back. Instead, seek the flicker of light that is within you. Listen to it intently, and never let it go. After all, once you are at the end of the tunnel, you will finally be released to the confines of darkness. You should no longer feel burdened with the darkness after. Instead, focus on what is in front of you; focus on the present.


The gift of transition brings with it the transmutation or the release of what has come before, cleansing and purifying the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Honor you, honor Earth Mother and Father Sky, honor all that has come before, honor this moment and all that is before you.

Amanda Cooper

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