Angel Message Of The Day : Life Review

Archangel Jeremiel 


Now is the time to observe that which is behind you, all that has come before, bringing you to this moment. It is the best time to reflect on the moments that you have gone through. You must keep in mind that everything is in Divine Order, as it should be. What lessons have you learned during your journey? You will gain great knowledge when you reflect on the path that you have taken and all the hurdles you have passed. 


Do not dwell, it is enough to acknowledge what was. You must remember that it is no longer right to reside in the past. Rather, you are only given the time to learn from it. You are given the time to understand how things have been and how you learn from these mistakes. At the same time, you are given the time to appreciate the hurdles that you have conquered. You have gone so far already, and you will keep on going. It is important that you do not dwell on the past any longer, instead, you must move forward while bringing in the lessons of the past.


Know all is in Divine Order, and all is forgiven this day. You have the choice to move forward toward your good, that which is for your highest and best good. Every day you are given the chance to move forward to something better in your life. It is always your choice if you wish to stay in the ghosts of the past or if you will move forward to the future you wish to attain. Choose to leave the past behind, but recognize its lessons. There is no time to wonder about the what-ifs, rather, choose to rise above and move forward toward your journey.

How shall you choose to travel the path before you? Do you choose to experience joy, happiness, and contentment? You must remember that all that has passed is already done and all is well. Choose to experience joy and happiness where you will no longer be confined by the past. Instead, you will honor your experiences and look forward with a smile on your face. Choose to be content where you will no longer feel that something is missing. Instead, you must remember that all is as it should be. Remind yourself that all is well and that all that has passed is already done. You are given the chance to start anew and run toward the future that you are aiming for.


Ponder for a moment what has brought you to this moment. Would you choose differently? There are many what-ifs in life that you may hold on to. As a human being, regrets may come to you in a form of distraction, and it is normal that you will feel this way somehow. However, you must not dwell on it. Re-create the image or experience differently; allowing you to forgive what was, knowing all is well; all is as it should be. Once you forgive the past and yourself and accept the current situation, you will feel more at peace. Remember that all that has come before has brought you to this moment.

See through the eyes of discernment. See through the eyes of love. See through the eyes of compassion, compassion for yourself and for others as you travel the path before you. Everyone is going through something, and you must remember to be kind and compassionate as much as you can. See your past and all that you have encountered in life with love and light in your heart and mind. Radiate love and light wherever you go, and show forgiveness when you must. Focus on the journey, but never forget to be understanding toward everyone else, including yourself. 


Allow the mercy of the Divine Source and that of Angels to bathe you in love and light, for there is only love and light. Shed what was, much like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, transforming what was before, to what is. You must release all regret of what once was. Afterward, you must start again and you will feel renewed more than ever. Seek that which you know to be your truth, shine forth this day and the next. You are loved beyond measure, beloved child.

Amanda Cooper

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